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1748 (1) Borrowed out of the Library 1748 Returned
p[er] Receipts apart.
ffebr 8 A.4.20 Xenophons Works Mar. 2 Xenophons Works
E.7.68 Spectator Vol. 6th Mar. 23 Spectator Vol. 6th
on Prinll Murisons order by
by Alexr fferriar
8 A.1.14 Burnets Hist. of his own Times V. 1st Mar. 2 Burnets Hist. of his own Time
on Mr Rymers order by
Andr Hutton
8 K.1.8 Tillotsons Works Vol. 3d May 16 Tillotsons Works Vol. 3d
C.2.26 Chillingworths Relig. of Protestants Mar 28 Chillingworths Relig. of Pr.
on ... order
Ja. Stuart
8 K.4.8 Watts Improvemt of the Mind March 8 Watts Improvt of þe Mind
J.3.3 Buttlers Analogy March 8 Buttlers Analogy
G.4.33 Calvins Institutions ffeb. 15 Calvin's Institutions
on ... order
Ja. Key
8 K.2.4 Stackhouses Hist. of þe Bible Apr. 6 Stackhouse Hist. of þe Bible
K.2.3 Grotius on War and Peace Apr 6 Grotius on War & Peace
on ... order
Laur. Gillespy
9 K.4.10 ffosters Sermons Vol. 3d Mar. 14 ffosters Sermons Vol. 3d
A.6.44 Rapines Hist. of Eng. Vol. 15th Mar. 14 Rapines Hist. Vol. 15th
E.7.68 Spectator Vol. 4th Mar. 14 Spectator Vol. 4th
On Mr Jo. Youngs order
Tho. Wolfe
10 A.3.9 Popes Odyssee Voll 2d & 3d ffeb. 15 popes Odyssee Voll. 2 & 3d Returned
on Mr Gregories order by
Ro. Anstruther
10 A.4.2 Eachards Hist. of Eng. Vol 1st Mar. 14 Eachards Hist. of Engl. Vol. 1st
on Mr Rymers order by
Cha. Allan.
10 A.6.23 Westons Art of Short writing Mar. Westons Art of Short writing
J.4.20 Nature displayd Vol. 3d Mar. Nature displayed Vol. 3d
E.7.27 Boyers french Grammar Mar. Boyers ffr. Grammar
on Mr Rymers order by
Jo. Buck