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1748 (3) Borrowed 1748 Returned
ffeb 15 C.6.8 Art of Dying well Per Bellarmini Apr. 23 Art of dying well
C.7.20 Chrysostom on þe priesthood Ap. 23 Chrysostom on þe priesthood
C.1.6 Episcopii Theologia 2 Voll. Ap. 23 Episcopii Theologia 2 Voll
on Prin. Murisons order by
Robt Baron
16 J.4.11 Watsons Horace Vol. 1st Mar. 18 Watsons Horace Vol. 1st
on Mr Rymers order by
Jo. Duncan
19 K.6.11 ffontanelles Plurality of Worlds Mar. 5 ffontanelles plurality of Worlds
on Prin. Murisons order by
Rot Watson
19 J.5.3 Rollins Belles Lettres Vol. 1st ffeb. 29 Rollins Belles Lettres Vol. 1st
on Mr Rymers order by
Willm Tailzier
19 D.3.11 Spotiswood′s Hist. on Mr Mar.23 Spotiswoods Hist.
Gregories order by
Robt Brown
20 J.5.1 Rollins ancient Hist. Vol. 1st Mar. 28 Rollins ancient Hist. Vol. 1st
J.5.2 Rollins Rom Hist. Vol. 1st Mar.15 Rollins Rom. Hist. Vol 1st
J.7.1 Bibliotheque Raisonnee Vol. 32 Mar.15 Bibliotheq[ue] Raisonae Vol. 32
to Dumbarny
20 T.5.1 Rollins Ancient Hist. Vol. 7 Mar. 21 Rollins ancient Hist. Vol. 7th
on Mr Rymers order by
Alr Duncan
20 C.2.20 Crellii Opera Exegetica Tom. 3d Mar. 21 Crellii Op. Exegetica Tom. 3d
C.2.20 Crellius de Uno Deo Mar. 21 Crellius de Uno Deo
C.2.22 Socini Scripta Polemica Mar. 21 Socini Scripta Polemica
J.4.44 Turretini Compend Histae Ecclesiast. Apr. 27 Turretini Comp. Hist. Eccles.
J.3.20 Ainsworths Dictionary Ap. 16 Ainsworth's Dictionary
on Prin. Murisons order by
Alexr fferriar
20 H.4.26 Hammond on Þe N. Testamt on ffeb. 29 Hammond Returned
Prin. Murisons order by
Ro. Baron
20 J.4.45 Boston on Þe Covenant Ap. 19 Boston on the Covenant
on Pr. Murisons order by
Geo. Lyon
K.3.14 Night Thoughts on M ... order Mar. 5 Night Thoughts
Rot Watson.