Trajan’s Column

The Trajan’s Column website was launched on 28th June 2013. It is  a continuously developing and expanding resource for anybody interested in the monument, from casual tourists, leisure historians and wargamers, to students and research academics.

Dr Coulston ( welcomes enquiries and feedback about the resources that are available so far:


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  1. Norman Lamb says:


    I thought there would be more people interested in this site!

    I love Rome and have recently become interested in Trajan’s Column. The more I find out about it the more intesting it becomes. I stumbled across the castings in the V & A and that awakened my curiosity even more. I found the Conrad Cichorius views but was then curious to find out the story behind each scene. This site goes even further and explains each person, which is great but too detailed for me. Where might I find just the scene descriptions? i.e. what is actually happening in each scene. Any help would be much appreciated.


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