El árbol de la ciencia de Pío Baroja

A Stancall Guide to the Novel


This GUIDE is intended to be used together with your own copy of the novel. The GUIDE is not designed to be printed out, so be sure to annotate your copy. In some sections you can use a notepad; if you do, save your notes to a floppy in A:/ drive or on the drive assigned to you.

The GUIDE to the text of El árbol de la ciencia provides selected chapters and their translation (from The Tree of Knowledge, translated by Aubrey F.G.Bell. New York, Alfred A.Knopf, MCMXXVIII). These are organised according to Part and Chapter in the part. You should use the Spanish text and its notes to supplement your set edition. Use the the English translation to ascertain that you have understood the Spanish text correctly and to check out vocabulary. There is also a section on Autobiography and the Novel, information on the Madrid that Baroja presents in the novel (Madrid in El árbol de la ciencia), and a Map section that invites you to locate and find out about places in that Madrid. Finally, there is a Question and Answer section.

There are short-entry notes that pop up when you click a highlighted word in the text.


  • Pop-up notes can be hidden by putting the mouse over the word close. For browsers which don't use Javasript or CSS, the notes appear in a list at the bottom of each page. The highlighted text is a link to the appropriate item in the list, and the browser's Back button will take you back to the context of the note.