Three Christian Brethren Congregation in West Scotland

Science and Christian Faith in a Sceptical Age


This project has the following four objectives.  Firstly, we will hold a series of church based seminars, guided discussions and debates with a target audience of high school and university students, but to which other church members will be actively encouraged to attend.  Secondly, we plan to encourage interest in and attendance at the scheduled plenary events, including the James Gregory Lecture series and an internationally broadcast simulcast, in September 2014. We will arrange transportation so that these events are accessible and fully supported.  Thirdly, we would wish to record and transcribe the material generated in the seminars, and debates together with the plenary sessions for possible publication either in print or on the web.  Fourthly, we wish to develop an interactive website as the content builds in order to serve all of these objectives. The proposed seminar series includes the following titles.  Dates and speakers will be advised as soon as possible.74954532

  1. Has science disproved the existence of God?
  2. Have the New Atheists over-reached themselves?
  3. Is the conflict between science and faith real or imagined?
  4. Does nature provide evidence of intelligent design?
  5. Naturalism and the God hypothesis
  6. What do we know about the origin of the cosmos and of life?
  7. Can evolution be harmonised with Christian belief?
  8. What do we know about the origin of consciousness?
  9. What is the connecti
    on between Science and theology?
  10. What does Christianity bring to science

Key Questions

  1. LEC elevationWhat is the nature of science and why is it widely perceived as a challenge to Christian faith?
  2. What has science clearly established about the origin of the universe and of life?
  3.  To what extent is this b
    ody of knowledge consistent with Biblical teaching?
  4. To what extent does the exploration of origins,
    from a scientific, philosophical and religious persp
    ective, have practical significance for personal Christian commitment and for collective Christian witness in an increasingly secular age?

Churches pictured above

  1. Cartsbridge Evangelical Church, Busby, Glasgow
  2. Westwoodhill Evangelical Church, East Kilbride
  3. Lennox Evangelical Church, Dumbarton