St Peter’s Free Church, Dundee

The Two Books Project: Examining Science, Faith and Theology


Because we see the diversity of opinion that exists among Christians on topics of science in relation to their faith, we plan to implement a two year project which will better inform Christians (whether scientists or not) in these areas and Scientists who might be interested in Christianity.

Our aim is to facilitate and promote interaction within St Peters and maybe, more importantly, interaction between Christians and their non-Christian family, friends and colleagues on the topics of science, faith and theology. We also see this is an opportunity to encourage local churches to recognise the significant value in the relationship between science and faith.

Key Questions

  1. Why should Christians be interested in Science?
  2. Why should Scientists be interested in Christianity?
  3. What are the major sources of conflict that fuel the idea that Christian faith and science cannot co-exist?
  4. What can Christians do if they feel that science is conflicting with their faith?


Continuing work