Hamilton Parish Church

The Church and New Atheism


The project endeavours to equip Christians in our congregation, and other Christians in the community to defend their faith in the face of new atheism. It will utilise the Exploring God Question resource DVD’s, which contain interviews with theists, atheists, and professionals, encouraging discussion in three scientific areas consisting of questions about the cosmos, the natural world, and mind and consciousness. This exploration will consist of six sessions, two in each topic, each session will have a thirty minute DVD followed by questions, debate and discussion.  There is study material available to aid the discussions. It is hoped that this will engage people on different levels and encourage a deeper understanding of the interaction between science and faith. Following on from this, the course will be rolled out into the wider community, engaging those who don’t come to church in a way which is thought provoking and relevant to current thinking in these areas.

Key Questions

  1. Does God really exist?
  2. Does the cosmos leave space for God?
  3. Did Darwin bury God?
  4. Is there credible evidence for God in the human mind and consciousness?

Continuing work