Greenock West Church

A Time of Wonder


At Greenock West we build on 4 years of engagement with science and faith issues surrounding issues of evolutionary science and how it contributes to reading and interpretation of Scripture, under the heading ‘Dinosaur Sunday’.

This has happened in a grassroots congregation situation, potentially vulnerable to anti-science influences, and a suspicion of academic modes of presentation.  We have introduced, and aspire to sustain the presence of science/faith in the regular church calendar, and the shape of the church year – particularly with harvest festival in the autumn – will likewise provide further opportunities to develop the project.

We also see faith/science events as significant outreGreenockWest_1ach opportunities: the public perception of churches’ appreciation and affirmation of science needs to be re-shaped, most urgently at a grassroots level.

We hope additionally to gather and publish liturgical material to encourage other congregations in the spiritual affirmation of the honest insights of science.

We have noted that there may be a need for visiting speakers to be committed to ‘learning the language’ of the church in order for what they have to say to be productively received.

We would also hope to organise one or more science-related church outings.

Key QuestionsGreenockWest_8

  1. How do we read the early chapters of Genesis in light of claims about the ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Origin of the Species’?
  2. How do we understand the Bible’s claims about Virgin Birth in an age of In Vitro Fertilization?
  3. How might scientific research into the uniqueness of humanity as compared with animals inform debates and decisions about end of life issues, including assisted suicide?
  4. How do studies into brain activity at the point of physical death relate to Christian claims about resurrection and the existence of Heaven?

Continuing Work and Here