3. Why put forward a proposal?

Published October 11, 2013 by Andrew Torrance in

One of the biggest obstacles facing churches in Scotland is the public assumption that there is a serious tension or essential incompatibility between Christian faith and modern science. At the same time, there have been few issues in recent years that have prompted as much public curiosity and interest in Christianity than questions of science and faith.

By developing projects that engage with questions of science, churches will have the opportunity to create a conversation that is stimulating not only for the congregation but also for the surrounding community. This will establish a context where churches can repudiate the myth that science has made the Church redundant and, at the same time, demonstrate that the Church is a centre for meaningful intellectual dialogue. In the midst of this conversation, there is incredible potential for the gospel to be proclaimed in ways that could prove highly fruitful for the mission of the churches in Scotland.

To help accomplish this, the programme will also be holding major conferences and lectures that will bring together church-leaders and scientists from all over Scotland to engage with world-leading figures in the dialogue between faith and science. For those who are awarded grants, full support will be provided to enable the lead minister and lead scientist to attend and take part in these major events.

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