Dedridge Baptist Church

Science and Faith – Better Together


There has been a conflict in many churches over how to engage with contemporary science. This stems from a lack of knowledge, which is the result of two factors in particular:

  1. Science education stop for most people stops when they leave school;
  2. The speed at which the scientific research advances is overwhelming to non-scientists.

There are also some people within the church who are embracing positions that denigrate science as mere a human endeavour.  Such positions will often turn science students away from a life of faith.

We will aim to show that there is harmony between God’s created work (studied through science) and God’s word (studied by Christians). We will engage with questions of science, faith and theology through a series of short talks each followed by a period of discussion.

Key Aims

  1. Introduce modern science into the congregation’s life
  2. Show that God’s work and word do not contradict one another, but are harmonious
  3. Encourage serious reflection about how we as Christians can relate positively to science
  4. Counter erroneous views on science and faith that suggest and inherent conflict.



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