Cornerstone, St Andrews

The Dialogos Project


Church-involvement today often seems detached from the intellectual lives of its participants and from broader questions about reality commonly associated with philosophy and the natural sciences. Through a dynamically developed programme of readings, discussions, and social events, the Dialogos Project seeks (1) to raise awareness of the integrative resources within Christian philosophy, (2) demonstrate the reflective character of Christian faith, and (3) nurture intellectual growth as a natural part of Christian fellowship and discipleship.

For this project, Dr William Simpson lead the following seminar series for undergraduate and graduate students:

SiC 101: Naturalism, Science and Religion

SiC 102: Naturalism and the Mind

Key Questions

  1. How does God act in a world governed by ‘natural laws’?
  2. To what extent is Christian t2803632_origheism compatible with methodological or metaphysical naturalism?
  3. How do eternal human persons ‘fit’ into a mortal and material cosmos?
  4. How have the scientific revolutions of the last century modified the (informed) scientist’s understanding of material reality?



Continuing work