Church of Scotland, Geneva

Science and Faith – Looking for Answers to Life’s Big Questions


Geneva 1As an international congregation in an international city we are very aware of the diverse opinions which are held by people from different cultures.  These are often out of date and ill-informed, but they influence people’s assumptions about faith and science.  Using a variety of scientists and theologians we aim to have a series of conversations about the nature of faith and science, and the relationship between them.

Focussed on members and friends of our congregation, but looking to draw in a wider and more diverse audience, we will organise a series of public gatherings where people’s stories can be told and key issues opened up in a way that will be respectful and honest.  Each of these will focus on one of the big questions of our day, as with contributions from both perspectives, we look for a better and fuller understanding.

Geneva 2Our four key topics will be:

1. Science and Religion – What are they and how are they evolving?  What is truth for each

2. Why are we here? – How do we account for life, the universe and everything?

3. So what should I do? – How can we tell right from wrong?  On what basis can we make ethical choices in life?

4. How to make the world a better place? – What is the best way to look after the world and its people?

The conversations will be filmed and a summary made available on our YouTube channel.

Key QuestionsGeneva 3

  1. Looking beyond the popular caricatures, how do scientists and theologians really understand their work?
  2. How can faith inform the work of science and vice versa?
  3. What does faith look like in the light of scientific understanding?
  4.  Where should we go to find the best answers to life’s big questions?


Continuing work on science and faith.