Cadzow Parish Church

Modern Science and its Support for Belief in a Creator God



In churches across Scotland congregations are not aware of how major developments in the physical sciences can give information which provides exciting and solid support for belief in a creator God. To convey the importance of this information to our members in a way which will be readily understandable to the layperson, we plan to conduct a series of courses and eventually add an annually updated course to our Adult Education Programme.

The project will build on the strengths of the work we have already completed (Phase 1) and planned for later this year (Phase 2). Building on phases 1 and 2 we will put together a 3 seminar course and initiate this in our Adult Education Programme. Phase 3 will be an annual course to be updated each year. Members from other churches, and indeed, the general public, will be invited to these later seminars which will be put online to be available to a wide audience.

Key Questions

  1. Can we find ultimate reality in our material world?
  2. Can Christians believe in evolution?
  3. What are the limitations of science?
  4. Scientific signposts to the reality of a creator God – how strong is the evidence?


Continuing work on science and faith.