Brightons Parish Church

Share, Inspire, Equip – Using the Experiences of Christians in our Church to Investigate Science and Faith Issues


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Our first aim is to address issues of science and faith by developing and sharing the stories and thoughts of scientists in our own congregation. This way we encourage a wide discussion, without asking scientists to become experts in apologetics. By identifying the scientists in our congregation we provide answers to questions like “Can scientists believe in Jesus?” and provide role models for children and youth who are interested in science.

Our second focus will be the inspiration we, as scientists, personally draw from our own fields. This might be discoveries or facts that lead us to understand more of God.  Equally it might be the stories of famous scientists who are Christians. By sharing stories and personal opinions we will hopefully be able to relate to many members of the congregation. By explaining what scientists do, and the questions they tackle, we can expound the view that science is an exploration of God’s world rather than a set of dry facts.

For those who want to engage with the science at a deeper level, we will provide resources and a forum for questions where we can share our opinions and encourage them towards further study.

Key Questions

  1. How can the scientists in Brightons church cultivate a richer, deeper engagement between science and faith in our congregation?
  2. How can scientists share how their own personal faith in Jesus has been strengthened by their scientific understanding?
  3. How can scientific understanding inspire the congregation to rejoice in God’s creation and grow in faith?
  4. How can the scientists in Brightons church equip the congregation to answer questions about science and religion in their own lives and those of their family and friends?