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In this special podcast, Professor Rab Houston discusses some of the interesting questions that you have raised by listeners during the first series. He explains how he undertakes his research into the history of psychiatry and the types of sources he uses before looking at some of the areas that still need to be explored.

The second series of podcasts entitled ‘The Voice of the Mad’ will be launching on June 27th and Professor Houston tells us more about this exciting new series.

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  1. john

    Hi Professor Houston

    I am wondering if you are doing exploration of the madhouses maybe in the 18th century. As far as I know not much is known about the workers (keepers?) in these madhouses and what their lives were like? I assume the workers were illiterate and so little has been written though maybe the owners did keep records. I do know Joan Busfield has written on these but from memory she does not focus on the workers.

    I am really enjoying the series – but I need to do a lot of re-listening. There is so much ground to cover.


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