Julia does things differently

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Have you met Julia yet?

Sesame Street has just introduced a character called Julia, who is autistic.  Julia is a little girl with orange hair and a little toy rabbit, and she does things just a little differently.  She has already appeared in Sesame Street storybooks, but now she is taking a more prominent role in the televised series and made her debut on screen in April.

As we explored in 12.2 Changes in Science and Society, autism as a diagnosis is only 80 years old, but the condition has certainly existed for much longer. Sesame Street is making a great contribution to promoting awareness of the condition, and to helping other children – and their parents – understand children with autism.  It is an example of how the media, much maligned for contributing to eating disorders, can play a constructive role in promoting awareness of different states of mind: of people like Julia who do things differently.

You can meet Julia now over on Sesame Street.

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