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Miguel Domínguez

Lifespan: (1830 – 1910)


Manuel Domínguez (1830-1910) was a doctor born in Querétaro. He studied in the college of San Ildefonso and in 1849 he joined the Hospital of San Hipólito as a medical student. He was expelled from here along with the rest of the hospital population by Santa Anna who planned to convert the hospital into military quarters. Domínguez was the initiator of the idea that the teachers of the Establishment of Medical Science should purchase the building of the Inquisition in order to establish a school. In 1854 he qualified as a doctor and in 1868 he passionately defended the anti-viral vaccination, demonstrating the falseness of the argument that it triggered other illnesses. In 1868 he became director of the children’s ward of the Hospital of San Andrés and of the school of Medicine of the National Academy of Medicine since 1868. In 1871 Domínguez attained the chair of Materia Medica at the School of Medicine. He also took part in politics being, at various times, prefect of San Juan del Río, congressional deputy, senator, president of the town council and governor of the Federal District. He was the author of more than twenty scientific works appearing mainly in the Gaceta Médica de México, Mexico City.

Signatory of
Pronunciamiento de Campeche (7 August 1857; Campeche, Campeche)