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José María Lobato

Lifespan: (? – 1829)
Profession: Regular army officer


José María Lobato (??- 1829) was a soldier of humble origins. He fought for many years in the struggle for Independence on the side of the insurgent forces. He was amongst those troops to first joined forces with Agustín de Iturbide in 1821. He took part in the Plan of Casa Mata where he was sent alongside generals José Antonio de Echavárri and Luis Cortázar y Rábago to fight against General Antonio López de Santa Anna. He led the anti-Spanish pronunciamiento of January 1824, when a large section of the troops of Mexico City’s garrison gathered and took over the Convent of las Betlemitas. The troops were soon dispersed by the government’s action. He was also involved in the Rebellion of la Acordada and when the uprising was quelled he was named Commander General of the States of Michoacán, Guanajuato, Jalisco and Zacatecas along with the dependencies of their respective military jurisdictions. Lobato died in 1829 shortly after this promotion.


Author of
Plan de José María Lobato (23 January 1824; Ciudad de México, México D.F.)

Signatory of
Adhesión de varias tropas al Plan de Lobato. (24 January 1824; Ciudad de México, México D.F.)
Acta del pueblo de San Francisco Ixtacamartitlán (17 May 1834; San Francisco Ixtacamaxtitlán, Puebla)