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Anastasio Zerecero

Lifespan: (1799 – 1875)
Place of birth: Ciudad de México


Born in Mexico City, Zerecero backed the insurgency from early on as a member of the secret society of Guadalupes. He completed his studies just before the consummation of independence in 1821, becoming a practising lawyer thereafter. In 1822 he was elected deputy and did not take long to display the kind of radical ideas that would characterise his political career. An outspoken republican he was persecuted and imprisoned by Iturbide's Imperial Government in 1822-23. He went on to lead a prominent role in the 1820s as a federalist and a yorkino, and backed Vicente Guerrero's presidential campaign in 1828, playing a key role, alongside Lorenzo de Zavala, in the pronunciamiento of La Acordada that resulted in Manuel Gomez Pedraza renouncing the presidency. Thereafter, he remained a dedicated federalist renowned for his radical liberal views. In 1847 he fought alongside the militias of the Guardia Nacional in the Mexican-American War (1846-48). In 1854 he joined the Revolution of Ayutla and subsequently figured on the political stage as a keen reformer. During the French Intervention (1862-67), Zerecero accompanied Benito Juarez to San Luis Potosi. Following the Liberal Restoration in 1867, he took up the post of judge, and acted as Dean at Mexico City's School of Lawyers. He also served as magistrate in the Supreme Tribunal of Justice. He died in Mexico City at the age of seventy-six.


Signatory of
Plan Federalista proclamado por Gómez Farías y José Urrea (19 July 1840; Ciudad de México, México D.F.)
Pronunciamiento federalista de la ciudad de México (1 October 1841; Ciudad de México, México D.F.)