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José Aguilar

Lifespan: (1804 – 1884)
Profession: Lawyer


José de Aguilar(1804-1884) was the son of Víctor de Aguilar and Ana María Escobosa. Born in San Miguel de Horcasitas,Sonora. Aguilar graduated as a Lawyer in Mexico City in 1828. He was responsible for organising the collection of funds that financed the war effort against the invasion of Spanish Brigadier Isidro Barradas who disembarked in Tampico in 1829 in an attempt to reconquer the country for the Spanish Crown. He was the judiciary assessor for the department of Horcasitas in 1830 then acted as district Judge in Guaymas in 1834 with jurisdiction over Sonora and the Californias, he was also a Judge of the Chief Magistrates Institute. Aguilar presided of the Junta that was set up to raise funds for the war effort against the U.S. invasion in 1847. He was president of the Supreme State Tribunal in the government of Sonora (1849-1853) from 1 May 1849 to 17 November 1857. Whilst in this post he successfully fought the rebellion of Miguel Esteban. Aguilar also suspended the payment of national debt and constructed the Ures House of Correction. He authorised the decree of 7 February 1850 contracting national guerrillas and foreigners to fight the Apaches, for whom he offered a reward. With the law of 6 October 1851 he established a secondary school in the state capital. He granted a concession to the Restauradora Mining Company, whose main stockholder was Juan B. Jecker. Aguilar authorised the colonisation of previously unchartered land between the parallel 30°and from Chihuahua to the Colorado River although this decree was annulled by Congress. At the beginning of the invasion of Raousset de Boulbon he illegalised the Restauradora Company’s activities and aligned himself with the government as Secretary General. Comonfort entrusted him in 1854, with the government of 18 May1856. The mutiny led by Manuel Dávila deposed him on 14 of July of the same year. He resumed leadership on 7 May 1857 and swore in the constitution of 1857. In 1863 he became an associate partner of Minera de Bronces mining company. He was also a magistrate of Supreme Court of Justice.


Signatory of
Acta de Santo Domingo Ocotlán (7 July 1834; Ocotlán, Jalisco)