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Pedro Ampudia

Lifespan: (1805 – 1868)
Profession: Regular army officer and politician


Pedro Ampudia (1805-1868) was a soldier in Havana, Cuba who arrived in Mexico in 1821 forming part of the entourage of the Spanish Superior Political Chief of New Spain Juan O'Donojú in the capacity of second Lieutenant. Joining the Army of the Three Guarantees he actively participated in the creation of the Plan de Iguala. He fought against the Spanish at the Island fortress of San Juan de Ulúa. He became a radical in Mexico, and fought in the Texan campaign in 1840-1842 and in the Mexican-American War 1846-48 by which time he had reached the rank of colonel. In one battle he captured General Fischer, the ex-minister of war of the Texan government, General Murray and Thomas Green who was Fischer’s assistant. However they managed to escape. Ampudia also fought against Yucatecan separatism. In 1847 he was part of the force defending

Monterrey and also participated in the battle of La Angostura-Buena Vista, as Major General of the Government of Nuevo León. He was the governor of this state again in 1854. In the three-year war of the Reforma he fought alongside the liberals.


Leader of
Acta de la brigada que cubre a Matamoros (9 September 1841; Matamoros, Tamaulipas)

Signatory of
Acta de la división de operaciones sobre el centro de la frontera norte (1 January 1843; Camargo, Chihuahua)
Acta de la junta de representantes de los departamentos (3 January 1846; Ciudad de México, México D.F.)