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Ignacio Comonfort

Lifespan: (12 March 1812 – 13 November 1862)
Profession: Politician, President, Regular Army Officer
Place of birth: Puebla


Ignacio Comonfort (1812-1863) was a soldier and politician born to French parents in Puebla on 12 March 1812. It was in this city where he undertook his studies and various menial jobs. He also took care of a property which he owned between Mexico City and Puebla. He was one of the leaders of the revolution of Ayutla (1854-55) which resulted in the overthrow of Santa Anna’s last government (1853-55). Comonfort was President of Mexico from 15 September 1855 to 21 January 1858. It was during his term in office that several of the key reform laws were implemented, together with the drafting and approval of the 1857 Constitution. During his administration he was forced to suppress the revolution of Zacapoaxtla as well as other rebellions such as those of Zacatecas, Jalisco, and San Luis Potosí. A moderate liberal, Comonfort found it increasingly hard to govern the country with the 1857 Constitution in place, and opted to close down the elected radical congress on 17 December 1857, aligning himself with conservative military commander Félix Zuloaga. Zuloaga, in turn, forced Comonfort’s resignation with his pronunciamiento of 11 January 1858 and the three-year War of the Reform began. Comonfort took refuge by seeking asylum in the United States of America, finally returning in 1862 to act as a general against the French intervention (1862-67). On 13 November 1862 at the age of 51 he was fatally wounded by guerillas. It is thought that the deadly wound split his heart in two. The following day his corpse was taken to Chamacuero.


Signatory of
Exposición de la capital del departamento de Puebla (24 November 1837; Puebla, Puebla)

Leader, author and signatory of
Acta de los convenios, Lagos 16 de septiembre de 1855 (16 September 1855; Lagos, Jalisco)
Ignacio Comonfort, general en jefe de la división de operaciones interior de la república, a sus conciudadanos (27 September 1855; Lagos, Jalisco)
Proclama de Ignacio Comonfort, Presidente substituto de la República a sus compatriotas (28 December 1855; Ciudad de México, México D.F.)
Proclama de Comonfort a los ciudadanos de Puebla (2 March 1856; San Martín, Puebla)
Proclama de Comonfort a los valientes veteranos y al pueblo armado por la ley (23 March 1856; Puebla, Puebla)
Proclama de Comonfort a los ciudadanos de Puebla (24 March 1856; Puebla, Puebla)
El presidente sustituto de la República, a sus conciudadanos (3 April 1856; Ciudad de México, México D.F.)

Leader and author of
Decreto que premia a los restauradores de la paz (8 April 1856; Ciudad de México, México D.F.)