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Martín Perfecto de Cos

Lifespan: (1800 – 1854)
Profession: Regular army officer
Place of birth: Veracruz


Martín Perfecto de Cos (1800–1854) was a born in Veracruz and his father was a lawyer. He allegedly married one of Antonio López de Santa Anna’s sisters. Cos joined the army of the Three Guarantees in 1821 as a lieutenant. He pronounced in support of the Plan of Casa Mata of 1 February 1823. In August of the same year he was charged with protecting the port of Veracruz, Mocambo and the Island of Sacrificios. Cos reached the rank of general in the Mexican army participating in the Texan campaign of 1835-1836. He was ordered to quell the Texan revolt as soon as it erupted and, with 500 troops, moved from the town of Goliad on 1 October to San Antonio de Béxar where he was placed under siege by Texan forces led by Stephen F. Austin. The siege lasted almost two months when Cos’s army finally surrendered the town of San Antonio to the Texans and were forced to leave defeated. Subsequently, Cos met up with Santa Anna’s army, in Laredo, as it made its way north to crush the rebellion. As a result, Cos went back to San Antonio and participated in the assault on the Alamo of 6 March 1836 breaching the mission’s north wall with the 300 soldiers under his command. Thereafter, Cos was present at the battle of San Jacinto of 21 April 1836. His battalion was routed and he was defeated by a joint attack by Texan volunteers led by colonels Sidney Sherman and Edward Burleson. Cos also acted as commander general and chief political leader of Tehuantepec. He died in Minatitlán, Veracruz.


Leader of
Manifiesto del general Martín Perfecto de Cos (12 May 1835; Matamoros, Tamaulipas)

Signatory of
Acta de la guarnición de Tampico (17 December 1844; Tampico, Tamaulipas)