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Martín Anguiano

Lifespan: (1775 – 1839)
Profession: Printer
Place of birth: Colima


Martín de Anguiano (1775?-1839) was a printer born in Colima. When Torres y Arteaga’s insurgents occupied this city in November 1810 he was entrusted with the confiscated goods of the Spanish community of the district, which he looked after until 1811. In March he went to Ciudad Guzmán where he handed himself in to the Royalist authorities and was thus granted an amnesty. He became a teacher of primary education in 1825 and administrator of the mail of Colima and it is rumored that he tampered with some correspondence. He was also commissioned to create a statistical survey of this region. He was the first constitutional mayor of this region in 1826 and also served as political chief throughout this year. As the first printer in Colima he used the printing press that the town council had imported in 1825. It was not paid for in full and he was obliged to return it in 1826. He never attained financial security and therefore was forced to move to Zamora. He returned to Colima in 1832 as director of a primary school and was also collector of tithes from 1836 up to his death.


Signatory of
Acta del ayuntamiento, jefe político, cura, milicia, oficiales retirados y vecinos de Colima (21 September 1834; Colima, Colima)