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Manuel Gómez Pedraza

Lifespan: (1789 – 1851)
Profession: President, Politician
Place of birth: Querétaro


Manuel Gómez Pedraza (1789-1851) was a politician who was born in Querétaro. Here he began his studies and in 1843 he married Maria Juliana Azcárate, of the same city. His most significant activity as a soldier was fighting against the insurgents at the head of the army of ‘the loyal of Potosi’ (los fieles del Potosí). He was instrumental in the capture of Morelos and due to his military merits in campaigns he attained the rank of lieutenant colonel. He was a supporter of Iturbide’s empire as a commander in the Huasteca and later as Chief of the Mexico City military command. Once the Federal Republic was inaugurated in 1824, Gómez Pedraza served as governor and military commander of the State of Puebla and Minister of War and Navy (8 January – 7 June 1825) with President Guadalupe Victoria. From this post he prepared his presidential election as leader of a coalition made up of imparciales, defeated escoceses, and disenchanted yorkinos. He opposed the candidacy of General Vicente Guerrero and marginally won the elections in 1828. The pronunciamiento of Perote of 16 September followed by the revolt of the Acordada barracks in the capital at the end of November and the subsequent Parián riot caused him to abandon the capital on 3 December 1829. He resigned the presidency and fled the country. It was only once the 1832 Civil War ended General Anastasio Bustamante’s stint in power that Gómez Pedraza was called upon to terminate his interrupted term in office and by virtue of the agreements of Zavaleta, he regained his presidency after entering the capital on 3 January 1833. He exercised power up until 1 April 1833. He occupied other public posts: Minister of Relations (11-13 December 1838 and 11 December-17 November 1841) with Presidents Anastasio Bustamante and Antonio López de Santa-Anna respectively. He was deputy to the Congress of the Union in 1842, and a senator in 1843-1846, 1848, becoming the leader of the moderate liberal party in the late 1830s and early 1840s. In 1850 he contended for the presidency of the Republic but Mariano Arista was triumphant. Gómez Pedraza was director of the Monte de Piedad, 1848-1851. When he died in Mexico City in 1851 he was denied a Christian burial by the Church and had to be interred in the garden of his house in San Ángel.


Author and signatory of
Proyecto para la pacificación sólida y estable de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (9 December 1832; Puente de México, Puebla)