Often translated as ‘revolt’, the pronunciamiento was a written protest/petition, generally drafted as a list of grievances or demands, signed by a group of individuals and/or corporate body (high-ranking officers, town council officials, villagers, members of a particular garrison, Indian pueblo, etc.) that could result in an armed rebellion if the government did not attend to them.


In June 2007 Professor Will Fowler, of The University of St Andrews, was the recipient of a major AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) research grant, which funded a three-year project on “The Pronunciamiento in Independent Mexico, 1821—1876” (2007—2010). This generous award allowed Prof. Fowler to put together a vibrant team made up of two research fellows (Dr Natasha Picột [Nottingham] and Dr Germán Martinez Martinez [Essex]), two PhD students (Rosie Doyle and Kerry McDonald), and a designer / database developer (Sean Dooley).

One of the goals of the team was to produce the major on-line relational database that includes transcriptions of over 1,500 pronunciamientos which you have before you.

The pronunciamiento texts (including actas, planes, actas de adhesión and related documents) can be accessed here by date, by region, and/or by using the website search engine. The website also contains a table of grievances, a list of participants with biographical entries for the better known pronunciados, and a glossary. For further details about the project go to “About the project”. For an explanation of the rationale behind the database’s layout and research tools go to “About the database”.

Should you know of a pronunciamiento that has not been included in the website please contact Principal Investigator Professor Will Fowler at: All additional information will be duly acknowledged and credited.