All audio files in PIP are saved in the mp3 format. If you have an iPod or mp3-player, you can download the audio files for each chapter here. You can either download the complete set of files as one podcast, or you can download files individually.

1. The PIP podcast

To use this podcast you require your own computer and iTunes installed on it. The advantage of downloading audio files this way is that in addition to all mp3 files you download all the metadata that describes each sound file, which means that you do not need to type descriptions manually before loading files on your iPod or mp3-player.

The following instructions were written using an iPod. If you encounter problems, please download the files individually as described in the next section of this page.

When you connect your iPod to your computer, iTunes should start up automatically. From the Advanced menu of iTunes select "Subscribe to Podcast". This will bring up the "Subscribe to Podcast" window.

The URL for the PIP podcast is:

Type this URL into the Subscribe to Podcast window as shown below and click OK.

Subscribe to Podcast window

This will add the PIP podcast to the Source Podcasts in iTunes and will start downloading the necessary files.

The PIP podcast has been added to the Source Podcasts in iTunes

If you click on the arrow next to "PIP: Practice Intonation and Pronunciation" this will display a list of files contained in the podcast. To obtain individual files click the button "Get" next to the file(s) you would like to download.

Display of the contents of the PIP podcast

When you have selected all these files click the icon "Display options from player" at the bottom of your iTunes Window.

Display options from player icon

This will bring up the iPod window. Select Podcasts as shown in the image below. You can either automatically update all of your podcasts, or you can select the option "Automatically update selected Podcasts only". In this case make sure that the PIP podcast is selected. Click OK.

The iPod window; Podcasts selected.

Your iPod will now be updated.

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2. Download files individually

Please right-click on the file(s) you want to download and select: "Save Target As" if you are using the Internet Explorer, "Save Link to Disk ..." if you are using Firefox, "Save Link Target As ..." if you are using Mozilla or Netscape. Other browsers may use a slightly different terminology.

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