The Poetical Works of Henry W. Longfellow with Photographic Illustrations
- Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

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Another of the earlier books in the R&A Suttaby series of photographically illustrated complete poems, this Poetical Works of Longfellow was again illustrated by Payne Jennings. It would appear that the Longfellow edition was the first of the Suttaby series to be published, in 1877, of which the St. Andrews copy is a reprint from 1882. The book contains photographs of British landscapes and pastoral scenery. Compared with the original 1877 edition, the number of photographs in the 1882 reprint has been more than halved, with only six compared with the original thirteen. Of the original inclusions, eight were landscapes (five full page, three insets) and five were either portraits or figure studies (all inset.) Each photograph, as was customary, had a caption drawn from a poem, and these were printed beneath the images, drawing the reader towards the photographic representation of particular images from Longfellow’s poetry. As was the case in the Jennings’ illustrated edition of Tennyson’s works (1878), some portraits were also given names referring to figures in the poems, including ‘Evangeline’, ‘The Good Shepherd’, and ‘Beautiful Lily’, while others were captioned with more general extracts on the subject, for example, of children.

Book Details

Author: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Title: The Poetical Works of Henry W. Longfellow with Photographic Illustrations
Publication Year: 1877
Poets Featured: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Photographers Featured: Jennings, Payne
Subjects: England
Photographic process: Albumen prints

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