Sunshine in the Country
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One of the earliest photopoetic books in the English language, the anthology Sunshine in the Country contains photographs by the renowned stereographer William Morris Grundy and a selection of pastoral verse by Longfellow, Cowper, Keats, Clare, and Wordsworth, among others. Subtitled ‘a book of rural poetry’, Grundy’s photographs reflect the range of picturesque views, scenes of idyllic life, and traditions including angling, apiculture, and hunting reflected in the poems. The anthology is enmeshed in the histories of scrapbooking and commonplacing in the Victorian period, and this is reflected by the manner in which poems and photographs have been assembled in Sunshine. The volume contains 102 poems, of which twenty are photographically illustrated. Of these poems, only five appear to have been published in their entirety; the other fifteen being extracts from longer works. The photopoetic combination, however, appears under a different title to that of the original poem, creating a triangular relationship between poem, photograph, and title. The new titles often allude to specific images within the extracts: for example, excerpts from Pope’s ‘Windsor Forest’ are titled ‘The Fowler’ and ‘A Forest’. In general, these unifying titles affirm the harmony of poem and photograph.

Photographs: uncaptioned, thus exact places harder to distinguish; the poem titled ‘Haddon Hall’ is interesting, as the accompanying photograph does indeed show the aforementioned hall, yet the poem is an extract culled from Charles Mackay’s longer poem ‘Lullingsworth,’ about a fictional mansion house in disrepair.

Photographer: Grundy, William Morris

Poets (with illustrated poems): Gay, John – ‘Rural Pleasures’ Warton, Thomas – ‘Ode on April’ Rogers, Samuel – ‘The Bee’ Montgomery, James – ‘A Landscape’ Dodds, J. – ‘A Summer Day’ Mackay, Charles – ‘Haddon Hall’ Thomson, James – ‘To the Trout Fisher’ Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth – ‘The Angler’s Song’ Pope, Alexander – ‘The Fowler’ Howitt, Mary – ‘Little Streams’ Barnes, William – ‘The Angler’s Song’ Crabbe, George – ‘The Village’ Lobb, [?] – ‘The River’ Davors, J. – ‘Angling’ Browne, William – ‘The Squirrel-Hunt’ Pope, Alexander – ‘A Forest’ Bloomfield, Robert – ‘The Farmer’s Boy’ Street, Alfred Billings – ‘An Autumn Landscape’ Bloomfield, Robert – ‘A Farm-yard in Winter’ Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth – ‘Woods in Winter’

Book Details

Author: Various
Title: Sunshine in the Country
Publication Year: 1861
Poets Featured: Gay, John ; Warton, Thomas ; Rogers, Samuel ; Montgomery, James ; Dodds, J. ; Mackay, Charles ; Thomson, James ; Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth ; Pope, Alexander ; Howitt, Mary ; Barnes, William ; Crabbe, George ; Lobb, ? ; Davors, J. ; Browne, William ; Bloomfield, Robert ; Street, Alfred Billings
Photographers Featured: Grundy, William Morris
Subjects: Pastoral poetry, English, Country life, Rural conditions, Country life, England
Photographic process: Albumen prints

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