Scotland: Her Songs and Scenery
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Another of A. W. Bennett’s photopoetic publications, Scotland: Her Songs and Scenery anthologises a number of Scottish poets beneath headings such as ‘Descriptive Pieces’ and ‘Songs and Ballads’. Robert Burns and Thomas Campbell are given sections of their own, and Walter Scott’s poem ‘Love of Country’ introduces the collection and highlights its national focus. The volume’s fourteen photographs seek to capture the drama of Scotland’s landscapes, and rely on the accompanying poems to connect such scenes to Scotland’s history. Songs and Scenery marks a new direction of sorts for the photopoetic anthology – certainly an expansion of scope over Grundy’s Sunshine in its focus on national landscapes rather than idyllic scenes from country villages. It is possible to see Songs and Scenery as an attempt to capitalise on Scott’s popularity in the nineteenth century, as well as part of the more general trend of books aimed at ‘literary’ tourists. Indeed, Songs and Scenery includes photographs both of nature and landmarks relating to the poets, including Burns’s cottage and monument, suitable stopping points for the tourist using the collection as a kind of guidebook.

The book was bound, incidentally, by R. A. Suttaby, who would later publish a variety of photopoetic books, including the collected works of Tennyson and Longfellow. In addition, one of the volume’s photographers, Stephen Thompson, would later edit the photopoetic collection Venice and the Poets.

Photographs: ‘Burns’s Cottage,’ Thompson, frontispiece; ‘Banks of Doon,’ Thompson, p.13; ‘Falls of Moness, Aberfeldy,’ Ewing, p.24; ‘Alloway Kirk,’ Thompson, p.39; ‘View on the Devon,’ Ewing, p.60; ‘Burns’s Monument,’ Thompson, p.77; ‘Iona,’ Thompson, p.88; ‘Cora Linn,’ Thompson, p.98; ‘Staffa,’ Thompson, p.113; ‘Pass of Glencoe,’ Thompson, p.124; ‘Rumbling Bridge, Dunkeld,’ Ewing, p.139; ‘Loch Coruisk, Skye,’ Thompson, p.148; ‘Bruce’s Landing, Skye,’ Thompson, p.163; ‘The Soldier’s Leap, Killicrankie,’ Ewing, p.182.

Photographers: Stephen Thompson; P. Ewing

Main poets: Burns, Robert; Campbell, Thomas;

Other poets (with illustrated poems): Sotheby, William – ‘Staffa’ (pp.113-114); Scott, Walter – ‘The Gathering of the Clans’ (pp.122-125); Anon – ‘Gathering of the Macdonalds’ (pp.137-139); Anon – ‘Prince Charles and Flora Macdonald’s Welcome to Skye’ (pp.148-150); Hogg, James – ‘Maclean’s Invitation to Prince Charles’ (pp.162-163); Anon – ‘Killicrankie’ (pp.182-183).

Book Details

Author: Various
Title: Scotland: Her Songs and Scenery
Publication Year: 1868
Poets Featured: Burns, Robert ; Campbell, Thomas ; Sotheby, William ; Scott, Walter ; Hogg, James
Photographers Featured: Thompson, Stephen; Ewing, P.
Subjects: Poetry of places, Scotland, Scottish poetry, English poetry, Scottish authors
Photographic process: Albumen prints

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