Joggin’ Erlong
- Dunbar, Paul Laurence

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Published posthumously, Joggin’ Eerlong (1906) was the final photographically illustrated volume of Dunbar’s poetry, again photographed in its entirely by Leigh Richmond Miner. For Heisel, Joggin’ Erlong continues the ‘anger and injustice’ permeating the later volumes while ‘toy[ing] with received wisdom as they offer a treatment of what, if any, consolation religion might provide’ to the trials and oppression endured by their African American narrators. (Heisel, ‘“Southern Negro types,”’ p.252.)

It is worth emphasising, as Sapirstein has noted, that it is usually the unillustrated volumes of Dunbar’s poetry that scholars take to be the authoritative contexts for his work. Numerous poems first appeared in the illustrated editions, however, which leads Sapirstein to suggest that, along with the fact that ‘the illustrated editions were so widely republished, such a conclusion is not necessarily accurate.’ (Sapirstein, ‘Picturing Dunbar’s Lyrics,’ p.329.) In Joggin’ Erlong, for example, poems appearing for the first time included ‘Sling Along,’ ‘Noon,’ ‘A Plantation Melody,’ and ‘A Cabin Tale.’

Book Details

Author: Dunbar, Paul Laurence
Title: Joggin’ Erlong
Publication Year: 1906
Poets Featured: Dunbar, Paul Laurence
Photographers Featured: Miner, Leigh Richmond

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