Florence in the Poetry of the Brownings
- McMahan, Anna Benneson

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The first of the popular four volume series, Florence in the Poetry of the Brownings (1904) was the result of Anna Benneson McMahan’s considerable travels around Europe in the early twentieth-century, and began a series that represented the flourishing, fairly late in her life, of her literary and cultural interests. Containing a generous selection of verse by both Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and more than sixty photographic illustrations, the book functions primarily as a cultural guidebook to Florence seen through the lens of their poetry. The poems and photographs are connected principally through the use of poetic captions to accompany the images, excised from the accompanying poems, recalling the manner in which Henry Peach Robinson accompanied his pictorialist photographs with poetic quotations. A view of Ponte Vecchio and several other bridges over the Arno is accompanied by an extract from Casa Guidi Windows, ‘Golden Arno as it shoots away/ Through Florence’ heart beneath her bridges four.’ A blend of urban scenes and close-ups of buildings, architectural features and works of art maintains a varied interest in what amounts to McMahan’s guided tour through both Florence and the works of the Brownings.

Book Details

Author: McMahan, Anna Benneson
Title: Florence in the Poetry of the Brownings
Publication Year: 1904
Poets Featured: Browning, Robert ; Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
Photographers Featured: Fratelli Alinari; Manelli, Florence

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