Talks and Podcasts

Here are some examples of recent talks and podcasts featuring members of the project team talking about their research:

Overviews of the Project:

1) Historical Association Schools Podcast, September 2014

In this short video podcast, Noah talks about the Philosophical Transactions project and the pleasures of working in the Royal Society archive.

2) Royal Society Lunchtime Lecture, February 2014

Noah Moxham and Julie McDougall-Waters talk about the early history of Phil Trans at a public history of science lecture at the Royal Society, looking in detail at some of the major points of transformation in the journal’s development from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

3. Aileen Fyfe on the PLOScast (April 2016)

Aileen Fyfe was interviewed on the PLOScast, about the history of scientific publishing and peer review.

History of Peer Review:

1) ‘What can history teach us about the future of academic publishing?’, September 2015 (54 mins video)

Aileen Fyfe gave this keynote address to the Conference of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers’ Association in Amsterdam. It covers the history of peer review, and of business models for journals. (54 minutes, audio, video and slides in combined file)

2) ‘History of peer review’ in 10 minutes, September 2015 [link to audio file]

Aileen Fyfe was part of a plenary panel on peer review at the conference of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers in London. Her 12-minute talk was a whistle-stop tour through six episodes from the history of what we know call ‘peer review’. (audio only)

3) Referees, Editors and Printers in the Making of Scientific Knowledge, May 2014 (50 mins audio)

Aileen Fyfe spoke to the St Andrews Institute for Intellectual History about referees and editors in the 19th century. This was a talk to an academic audience; and represents work in progress (which has since progressed…)

4) BBC Radio 4 Inside Science, March 5 2015

Listen to Aileen Fyfe talk about the significance of Philosophical Transactions in an interview with Adam Rutherford on BBC Radio 4. Click the link above to download.

5) Chemistry World podcast, Sept 2015

Aileen Fyfe was interviewed by Chemistry World magazine, for a feature on peer review; she was also interviewed for the monthly podcast.