Philosophical Transactions: 350 years of publishing at the Royal Society’

An Exhibition at the Royal Society

2 December 2014 – 23 June 2015

This exhibition celebrates the 350th anniversary of the world’s first scientific journal, the Philosophical Transactions, showcasing treasures from the Royal Society’s archive connected with the journal as well as ongoing work being carried out by the ‘Publishing the Philosophical Transactions: the social, cultural and economic history of a learned journal. 1665-2015′ project.  It outlines the history of the journal from its foundation to the present, taking in the papers, editorial procedures and printing technologies involved in the making and transmission of scientific knowledge in each era, from the Scientific Revolution to the Digital Age.

Download the exhibition brochure. (PDF)
The exhibition is open to the public most days; details are at the Royal Society’s website, or contact the Royal Society Library: Tel: 0207 451 2606; email: library@royalsociety.org

Photo gallery of highlights from the exhibition at The Guardian‘s Higher Education Network here.