‘Praising Constantine’

Friday, 29th April 2016,
Swallowgate 11, School of Classics, St Andrews, UK.

A conference sponsored by the School of Classics, University of St Andrews and the Department of Classics and Ancient History, Liverpool University.


9.30amWelcome (Bruce Gibson and Roger Rees)
9.45am Michael Hanaghan (Exeter)
‘When you gaze into Constantine, Constantine gazes back’
10.30am Alessandro Marenesi (Nijmegen)
‘Praising Constantine or Shaping Discontinuity? Role and Functions of Some Constantinian Panegyrics’
11.15am Coffee in the library
11.45am Linda Jones Hall (St. Mary’s College of Maryland)
“Counting by Fives”; The Vicennalia Poems of Optatianus Porfyrius and the Panegyric of Nazarius to Constantine (321 A.D.)
12.30pm Lunch in the library
1.30pm David Greenwood (Aberdeen)
‘Constantine and Eusebius: Panegyric, Constructio and Theophany’
2.15pm Christian Djurslev (Exeter)
‘Using Alexander the Great to praise Constantine: the “Cyrus and Alexander”- digression in Eusebius’ Life of Constantine (1.7-9)’
3.00pm Tea in the library
3.30pm Milena Raimondi (Milan)
‘Pais and basileus: praising Constantine in Athens’
4.15pm Alan Ross (Southampton)
‘Posthumous panegyric? Constantine in the orations of Themistius, Libanius, and Julian’

Organisers: Bruce Gibson (Liverpool) and Roger Rees (St Andrews).