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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Marrick S. Mary and Andrew of Marrick, to whom the original parish church was dedicated. Yorkshire 1154-58 or earlier 1540
Fröndenberg S. Mary, S. Mauritius 1230 (circa) 1811
S. Ursula S. Ursula 1335-1349 (circa) 1803; reestablished in 1828 and continues
S. Stefano Piedmont 1135 or before
S. Caterina in S. Sisto Marche 1280
Abbotsbury (needs verification) St. Peter 1026 or earlier According to Dubdale, the male monastery was surrendered in 1539
Schwarzach 770 (circa) 877
S. Maria della Pieta Saint Mary Tuscany 1304 or earlier 1541 or later
peterddzp Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Metz (S. Madeleine) 6K 1300-1325
S. Lucia 1521 -- Members asked the monastery of <C2650> to reform them, but they could not make the "osservenza," and therefore left on June 12, 1521, taking their reduced dowry with them.
Weiler Blessed Virgin Mary (church); S. John the Apostle (convent) 1230 1592
S. Domenico Saint Dominic Tuscany 1382 1786
Bonifati male monastery (needs verification) LZ 608
Kortenberg Brabant 1105 or earlier
la Virginite 6F 1220 (circa)
Catesby S. Mary, S. Edmund and S. Thomas Mar Northamptonshire 1175 (circa) 1536
Grace Dieu Saint Mary Dublin 1195 or later (needs verification) 1539; Portrane location terminated after 1577
Rodez 6L 1291
Herdecke S. Mary, S. Frederuna, and S. Benedict 810-819 (circa) 1811
Almeneches 600 (circa). Refounded: 1066. 900-999 (10th century)?
SS. Simone e Guida Apulia 1200-1299 (13th century) 1461 or earlier
sul monastery de rieunette Centre 1173
Name unknown Piedmont 1228
Blaubeuren For the men's community: S John the Baptist; For the women's community S Nicholas, S Nympha Wurttemberg 1085 Women's community terminated in 1348 (through plague); Men's community terminated in 1556
S. Maria di Valverde 1302 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Bedburg S. John the Baptist 1201 or earlier (see "foundation information," below) 1804
Heiligenrode S. Maria (Mary) 1181-1183 1816
S. Vincenzo Saint Vincent Tuscany 1390 (circa) 1635 or later
S. Maria Magdalena vor Schottentor Founded in 1239 by Duke Friedrich II The community was merged into S. Lorenz in 1533 after the cloister was destroyed in the 1529 Turkish siege. (Karl Czoernig, Ethnographie der Oesterreichischen monarchie, (Vienna: K.-K. Hof- und staatsdruckerei, 1857), 143)
Villingen S. Ursula
Nimes 6I 991
Gallargues 6I 1027
Heilbronn S. Clare 1293 1811
S. Annunziata Mary the annunciate Tuscany 1500 or earlier
S. Trinità Umbria
S. Tommaso Saint Thomas Tuscany 1190 or earlier
Esteil 6C 1151
Zwijveke Flanders (East) 1223 or earlier
Winchester S. Mary and S. Edburga Hampshire 963 1536, after being terminated in 1141 and then later refounded
Bival 6O 1128-1154
Druim Chea Longford 440 (circa)
S. Julien-la-Geneste 6C 1184 or earlier
Avignon (S. Catherine) Catherine 6S 1254
S. Benedetto Apulia 1266 1866
S. Magdalena de Montbenet Catalonia 1338 1461: property and buildings given to the abbey of Poblet (male)
S. Cecilia Piedmont
S. Stefano 1573 or earlier
Unterzell S. Maria (Mary); S. Caecilia 1200 (circa); 1130 according to Link 1803
degli Angeli Tuscany 1333 or earlier 1404 or later