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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Giovanni Evangelista al Bagno a Ripoli Saint John the Evangelist Tuscany
S. Barbato or S. Benedetto Apulia 1182 or earlier
Lisieux 6N 1050 (circa)
Notre-Dame de la Presentation Antwerp 1493
Valnegre 6L 1206 or earlier
S. Simmetrio e S. Cesario Corsarum Simmetrius / Cesarius / Virgin Mary LZ 855 or earlier 1219 or earlier (later restored)
Encloitre-en-Chaufournois 6F 1108 or earlier
la Couronne 6R 1116 or earlier 1129 (see below)
Benoitvaux 6G 1200-1299 (13th century)
Moellenbeck S. Peter 896
S. Benedetto e Agnese di Camiano 1288 or earlier (Cottineau says 1268) 1411 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Monthodon 6Q 1133 of Val Secret. Refounded: circa 1140 at Monthodon.
Marienberge 1465 1527
S. Maria degli Episcopi 1295 (circa) 1804 (circa) -- by Napoleon. A cemetery takes its place.
Maidbronn S. Afra, S. Kilian (see contributor's notes) 1232-1235 1408 (circa), female; 1525/1545
Northampton Northamptonshire 1252 (circa) 1272 or later
S. Omobono Emilia-Romagna 1490 1799
S. Caterina di S. Gaggio al Galluzzo Saint Catherine Tuscany 1344
Errew Mayo
S. Salvatore di Valle Marche 11th c. (1008?) 1104 (see "Incorporated By," below).
S. Marta Saint Martha Tuscany 1325 or earlier
Kington S. Michael S. Mary and Michael (needs further research to verify). Wiltshire 1155 (circa) 1536
S. Maria Maddelena Saint Mary Tuscany 1146
Marienkloster in Karlsberg 765 or earlier
Agata in Monte Piedmont 673 1782: the goods of the house were ceded to the civic hospital of S. Matteo. In 1813, the lands were bought by Count Giacomo Fantoni, who formed a public bath with the many rooms.
Megemont 6C 1274 or earlier
S. Pere de les Puelles Saint Peter Catalonia 875-899 1835, but the community re-formed in a new location after the supressions of 1879.
Waasmunster Flanders (East) 1238
S. Spirito di Arezzo Holy Spirit Tuscany
S. Cecilia in Trastevere S. Cecilia Lazio 1344 or earlier 1873 (community was later restored, and is still extant)
Boulancourt 6G 1150 (circa)
Remiremont 6K 620 (circa)
Hilwartshausen S. Mary; S. Stephan; S. Vitus 960-963 1610
S. Bartolomeo in regione collis 1409 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Schönau S. Mary and S. Nicholaus; S. Kilian 1189 (circa) 1564 (circa)
Minchinhampton female (needs verification) Gloucestershire 1066 or later
Shurik New York
Melk S. Peter; S. Paul; S. Colomann Lower Austria 985 1300 circa (women)
S. Maria Assunta Saint Mary of the Assumption Tuscany 1364 or earlier 1598 or later (needs verification)
Termonn Caelaind Roscommon 1223-4 or later 1560-1600 (circa -- needs verification)
S. Chiara Piedmont 1330
Beacon Street, hospital Staffordshire 1424 (circa)
Baysdale S. Mary Yorkshire 1162 (circa) 1536-7 (needs verification)
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany 1275 1786
S. Annunziata Piedmont 1458 (circa)
Nevers (Notre-Dame) 6D 617 (circa). Refounded c. 849
S. Llucia de Rajadell Catalonia 1278 or earlier 1500 or earlier: had been reformed by order of the bishop in 1374, and disappeared sometime during the following century.
Franchevaux 6D 1159