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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Maria di Belmonte Piedmont 1016 1326 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Klein-Komburg S. Aegidius Wurttemberg 1108 1283
Orsan 6F 1107 (circa)
S. Filipo Marche 1513 (see "Incorporated By," below).
S. Maria delle Grazie 1497 or earlier
Grand-Bigard Brabant 1114-1130
North Berwick East Lothian 1150 (circa) 1587-8
Avenay 6G 660 (circa)
Pommereux 6M 1128
S. Pietro Apulia 1310 or earlier
Himmelthron Blessed Virgin Mary 1343-1348 1525
S. Maria di Fontana Emilia-Romagna 1300
S. Lucia 1521 -- Members asked the monastery of <C2650> to reform them, but they could not make the "osservenza," and therefore left on June 12, 1521, taking their reduced dowry with them.
Weiler Blessed Virgin Mary (church); S. John the Apostle (convent) 1230 1592
S. Croce Holy Cross Tuscany 1400 or earlier
Gallinas Albas LZ 593 or earlier 650 or earlier (needs verification)
Collinances 6Q 1135 or earlier
S. Sepulchre Holy Sepulchre, James, and after 1148, to Catherine. Lincolnshire 1094 or later 1538
Nunappleton S. Mary and John the Evangelist Yorkshire 1148-54 1539
Klarholz S. Mary, S. Laurentius 1133 1803, May 2
le Mans (S. Sauveur) 6P 836 or earlier 900-999 (10th century)?
S. Niccolo Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1350-1400 (circa) 1783
S. Maria de Valldonzella Catalonia 1237, 4 November Still Active
S. Micheletto Saint Michael the Archangel (later Saint Francis and Saint Anthony of Padua) Tuscany 1435 (circa)
S. Francesco Fuori Porta Collina Marche
S. Maria Maddalena 1271, June 8
Laval-aux-Nonnains 6G 1163
Grace Dieu Saint Mary Dublin 1195 or later (needs verification) 1539; Portrane location terminated after 1577
Besancon 6H 624 900-999 (10th century)? Refounded c. 1050 for Benedictine monks.
Quesnoy 6M 1233
S. Mary Magdalene S. Mary Magdalene Wiltshire 1307 or earlier
Altenberg S. Nicholas; S. Michael 1179 or later 1802
Johnxapvu Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Leau Brabant 1484
Heilbronn S. Clare 1293 1811
S. Maria a Querceto Saint Mary Tuscany 1309 or earlier 1445
S. Angelo in Narnate Umbria 780 or earlier
Drouilhe-Blanche 6J 1212 or earlier
Carbrooke Norfolk 1180 (circa)
Belleau 6G 1242 (circa)
Shaftesbury S. Mary and S. Edward and possibly All Saints Dorsetshire 888 (traditional date); it could have been founded any time between 880 and circa 893 1539
S. Catherindaal Brabant 1270
S. Magdalena de Bell-lloc Catalonia 1248 1270 (see "Incorporated by," below)
S. Bibiana Saint Bibiana Tuscany 1400 (circa)
S. Angelo in Cryptis Asculanis Marche
S. Leonards 1200-1250 (circa) 1434: Annexed to Perth Charter house.
le Mans (S. Scholastica) 6P 670 (circa)? 800-899 (9th century)?
Druim Chea Longford 440 (circa)
Orleans (Notre-Dame) 6F 600-699 (7th century)? 840 -- transformed into a community for male religious
S. Thomas-les-Nonnains 6U 1206