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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Daire Saint Mary Derry 1128 or earlier 1512 or earlier
Laval-Benite 6U 1164 or earlier
Salzinnes Namur 1202 or earlier
la Pommeraie 6D 1151
S. Salvatore in Alina Holy Redeemer ( Tuscany 900 or earlier 1028
S. Coloma de Matella Catalonia 1163 1368
S. Giovanni Battista Apulia 1866, July 7
S. Maria degli Episcopi 1295 (circa) 1804 (circa) -- by Napoleon. A cemetery takes its place.
Wauthier-Braine Brabant 1228 (circa)
Buxtehude, Altkloster S. Mary and S. Laurentius 1197 (circa) 1651 (circa)
Heidingsfeld 1237 1676
S. Maria Michaelis Virgin Mary LZ 806 or earlier (needs verification) 1116 (circa -- needs verification)
S. Hieronymus 1384
Sisters (1) Norfolk 1427 (circa) 1444
Eltisley 2D 800-899 1087 or before
Na Frantisku ca. 13th century
Wareham hospital Dorsetshire 1418 or earlier
Bellecombe 6C 1130-39, according to Berman; but possibly as late as 1148
S. Magdalena i S. Margarita de Castellbisbal late 13th century
Le Scalze Piedmont 1465 1855
S. Salvatore di Valle Marche 1008 or earlier 1104 or earlier (probable: No documentation after this date)
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany 1318
Termonn Feichín Saint Mary Louth 1144 or later 1539
Mantes 6F 1133
Mont-D'Or Flanders (West) 1214
della Berardenga Holy Savior (needs verification) / Saint Alexander (needs verification) Tuscany 867 1003 (given to male monastery)
S. Clara Catalonia 1342 1342
S. Mary, Chichester Sussex 1229 or earlier
S. Bartolomeo in regione collis 1409 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Brussells (S. Catherine) Saint Catherine Brabant 1232 (circa)
le Vivier 6M 1228
Berich S. Lawrence; S. Katherine (Laurentius; Katharina) 1196 1577
S. Maria de Casis
S. Francesca Romana a Tor de'Specchi S. Maria Annunciata, S. Francesca Lazio 1434, July 4 (this is the date of the inaugural bull -- the original foundation date is unknown) Still extant as a Benedictine community
Fontevraud 6P 1101
S. Anna Emilia-Romagna 1409
S. John the Baptist John the Baptist Gloucestershire
Boubon 6J 1106
Salmannshofen John the Baptist 1282 1401
S. Domenico Piedmont 1455 1800 -- the nuns went to <C684>, and their monastery was supressed in 1810.
S. Margherita Marche
S. Girolamo sulla Costa Saint Jerome Tuscany 1373 or earlier 1575 or later
Doirean Saint Mary Roscommon 1144 or later 1223-4 or later
Montmartre 6T 1134
Barrow Gurney S.Mary, S. Edward, and in the 15th century the Holy Trinity Somershire 1200 or earlier 1536
Reims (S. Pierre-le-Bas) 6G 660 (circa) 970-1000 (circa)
S. Maria de Montescudario Tuscany 1276 or earlier
S. Maria di Montignano Saint Mary Tuscany 1088
Mariengarten 1233 or earlier
S. Maria del Ponte Saint Mary Tuscany 1310 (needs verification) 1357 (see "Incorporated By," below)