[Table of Contents for Dugdale Volume 5]


LEWES Priory in Sussex, p. 1.

Priory of PRITTLEWELL, in Essex, p. 21.

Priory of FARLEIGH, FARLEGA, FERNLEGH, or MONKTON FARLEIGH, in Wiltshire, p. 24.

Priory of MONKS HORTON, in Kent, p. 33.

Priory Of STANESGATE, in Essex, p. 36.

Priory Of CLIFFORD, in Herefordshire, p. 41.

CASTLEACRE or ESTACRE Priory, in Norfolk, p. 43.

Priory of MINDHAM or MENDHAM, in Suffolk, p. 56.

BROMHOLM Priory, in Norfolk, p. 59.

Priory of NORMANNESBERCH, in the Parish of South Reinham, in Norfolk, Cell to Castleacre, p. 68.

Priory of SLEVESHOLM, in Norfolk, Cell to Castleacre, p. 71.

Priory of WENLOCK, in Shropshire, p. 72.

Priory of DUDLEY, in Worcestershire, p. 82.

Priory of BERMONDSEY, in Surrey, afterwards erected into an Abbey, p. 85.

Priory of ST. JAMES, Derby, p. 104.

Priory of ST. JAMES, near Exeter, p. 105.

Priory of LENTON, in Nottinghamshire, p. 108.

Priory of PONTEFRACT, in Yorkshire, p. 118.

MONK BRETTON, or LUND Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 131.

Priory of THETFORD, in Norfolk, p. 141.

Priory of LITTLE HORKESLEY, in Essex, Cell to Thetford, p. 155.

Priory of WANGFORD, otherwise called REYDON ST. PETER'S, in Suffolk, p. 160.

Priory of MONTACUTE, in Somersetshire, p. 163.

CARES WELL or KERSWYLL Priory, in Devonshire, p. 171.

Cell Of ST. SYRIAC or ST. KARROC, in Cornwall, p. 172.

Malpas, near Caerleon, in Monmouthshire, p. 173.

Priory of HOLME, or EAST HOLME, in Devonshire, p. 174.

Priory of DAVENTRE, in Northamptonshire, p. 176.

Priory of ST. ANDREW, Northampton, p. 185.

Priory of BARNSTAPLE, in Devonshire, p. 196.

TYKEFORD, or TICKFORD Priory, in Buckinghamshire, p. 201.

Abbey of DE LA PRE, in Northamptonshire, for Cluniac Nuns, p. 207.

Abbey Of WAVERLEY, in Surrey, p. 237.

Abbey of FURNES or FURNESS, in Lancashire, p. 244.

RUSSIN or RYSHEN Abbey, in the Isle of Man, p. 252.

Abbey of INYS or INISCOURCY, in the County of Downe in Ireland, Cell to Furness, p. 257.

Abbey of NETHE or NEATH, in Glamorganshire, p. 258.

Abbey of BASINGWERK, in Flintshire, p. 261.

Abbey of TINTERN, in Monmouthshire, p. 265.

RIEVALL, RIVER, or RIVAULX Abbey, in Yorkshire, p. 274.

FOUNTAINS Abbey, near Ripon, in Yorkshire, p. 286.

Abbey of QUARR, QUARRERA, Or QUARRERIA, in the Isle of Wight, p. 314.

Abbey Of COMBERMERE, in Cheshire, p. 321.

Abbey of GARENDON, in Leicestershire, p. 328.

Abbey Of SWINESHED, in Lincolnshire, p. 336.

CALDER Abbey, in Cumberland, p. 339.

Abbey of BYLAND, in Yorkshire, p. 343.

BUILDEWAS, or BULDWAS Abbey, in Shropshire, p. 355.

Abbey Of ST. MARY DUBLIN, p. 361.

Abbey of BITTLESDEN, in Buckinghamshire, p. 364.

WARDON Abbey, in Bedfordshire, p. 369.

Abbey of FORD, in Devonshire, p. 376.

BUCKFASTLEIGH, or BUCKFASTRE Abbey, in Devonshire, p. 384.

MELSA, or Meaux Abbey, in Yorkshire, p. 388.

Abbey of NEWMINSTER, near Morpeth, in Northumberland, p. 398.

THAME, or TAME Abbey, in Oxfordshire, p. 403.

Abbey of BORDESLEY, in Worcestershire, p. 407.

Abbey of LOUTH PARK, or DE PARCO LUDE, in Lincolnshire, p. 413.

Abbey of KIRKSTED, in Lincolnshire, p. 416.

Abbey of KINGSWOOD, in Wiltshire, p. 424.

PIPEWELL Abbey, in Northamptonshire, p. 431.

STONELEY Priory, in Warwickshire, p. 443.

Abbey of COGGESHALL, in Essex, p. 451.

REVESBY Abbey, in Lincolnshire, p. 453.

Abbey of CUMHYRE, in Radnorshire, p. 457.

Abbey of BOXLEY, in Kent, p. 460.

Cistercian Nunnery of SINNINGTHWAITE, in Yorkshire, p. 463,

Abbey of ESSEHOLT, in Yorkshire, p. 469.

Abbey of WOBURN, in Bedfordshire, p. 478.

MEREVAL, or DE MIRA VALLE Abbey, in Warwickshire, p. 481.

HANEPOL, or HAMPOLE Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 486.

Abbey Of VAUDEY, or DE VALLE DEI, in Lincolnshire, p. 489.

SWINE, SWINHEY, or SWINA Abbey, in Yorkshire, p. 493.

Abbey of BRUERNE, in Oxfordshire, p. 496.

Abbey of ROCHE, or DE RUPE, in Yorkshire, p. 501.

BASEDALE, HOTON, HUTTON, or NUN THORP Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 507.

SALLAY, DE MONTE S. ANDREƆ, or SAWLEY Abbey, in Yorkshire, p. 510.

RUFFORD Abbey, in Nottinghamshire, p. 517.

SALTREY, or SAWTREY Abbey, in Huntingdonshire, p. 521.

KIRKSTALL Abbey, in Yorkshire, p. 527.

Abbey of DORE, in Herefordshire, p. 552.

SIBTON Abbey, in Suffolk, p. 558.

STANLEY Abbey, in Wiltshire, p. 563.

JOREVAL, GERMS, Or JERVAUX Abbey, in Yorkshire, p. 567.

GREENFIELD Priory, in Lincolnshire, p. 579.

COMBE Abbey, in Warwickshire, p. 582.

Abbey Of STRATFORD LANGTHORNE, in Essex, p. 586.

FLEXELEY, sometimes called DENE Abbey, in Gloucestershire, p. 589.

ALBALANDA, or WHITELAND Abbey, in Caermarthenshire, p. 591.

Abbey of HOLM CULTRAM, in Cumberland, p. 593.

TARENT, or TARRANT Nunnery, in Dorsetshire, p. 619.

TILTEY Abbey, in Essex, p. 625.

Abbey Of DIEULACRES, in Staffordshire, p. 626.

Monastery Of CLYNNOCK VAUR, in Caernarvonshire, p. 631.

STRATA FLORIDA, or STRATFLEUR Abbey, in Cardiganshire, p 632.

LEKEBURN, or LEGBORN Nunnery, in Lincolnshire, p. 634.

STRAT MARGEL Abbey, in Montgomeryshire, p. 636.

Abbies Of STANLAW and WHALLEY, p. 639.

Nunnery of NUN-APPLETON, in Yorkshire, p. 652.

CODENHAM Nunnery, in Yorkshire, p. 655.

BINDON Abbey, in Dorsetshire, p. 656.

CROKESDEN, or CROXDEN Abbey, in Staffordshire, p. 660.

KELDHOLM Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 664.

Abbey of ROBERTS BRIDGE, in Sussex, p. 666.

WYCKHAM Nunnery, in Yorkshire, p. 669.

CONWAY, or ABERCONWAY Abbey, in Caernarvonshire, p. 671.

NUN COTON, or COTHAM Nunnery, in Lincolnshire, p. 675.

DUNKESWELL Abbey, in Devonshire, p. 678.

BEAULIEU Abbey, BEWLEY, or DE BELLO Loco, in Hampshire, p. 680.

MEDMENHAM, or MENDHAM Abbey, in Buckinghamshire, p. 684.

Abbey of GRACE-DIEU, in Monmouthshire, p. 685.

HAYLES Abbey, in Gloucestershire, p. 686.

Abbey of NEWENHAM, in Devonshire, p. 690.

NETLEY Abbey, in Hampshire, p. 695.

Abbey of REWLEY, or DE REGAL, Loco, in the suburbs of Oxford, p. 697.

Abbey Of VALE ROYAL, or DE VALLE REGAL, in Cheshire, p. 701.

BUCKLAND Abbey, in Devonshire, p. 712.

HILTON, or HULTON Abbey, in Staffordshire, p. 715.

Abbey of ST. MARY GRACES, EAST-MINSTER, or NEW ABBEY, in the suburbs of London, p. 717.

DE VALLE Crucis Abbey, in Denbighshire, p. 720.

GOKWELLE, or GOKEWELLE Nunnery, in Lincolnshire, p. 721.

WINTENEYE Nunnery, in Hampshire, p. 721.

HEYNINGES, or HEVENYNGE Nunnery, in Lincolnshire, p. 723.

STYKESWOLD, or STYXWOULD Nunnery, in Lincolnshire, p. 724.

CAERLEON, or CAERUSKE Abbey, in Monmouthshire, p. 727.

LLANTARNAM Abbey, in Monmouthshire, p. 728.

SEWARDESLEY Nunnery, in Northamptonshire, p. 729.

BREWOOD Nunnery, in Shropshire, p. 730.

Abbey of CLYVE, in Somersetshire, p. 731.

Cistercian Cell of HOREWELLE, near Coventry, in Warwickshire, p. 735.

Cistercian Cell Of BLETARN, in Westmoreland, p. 735.

LLANLUCAN Nunnery, in Montgomeryshire, p. 735.

Nunnery Of COKEHILL, in Worcestershire, p. 736.

WHISTON, or WYTESTANE Nunnery, in Worcestershire, p. 737.

Nunnery of KIRKLEES, or KIRKLEGHES, near Wakefield, in Yorkshire, p. 738.

MARGAN Abbey, in Glamorganshire, p. 740.

KINNER, or KEMMER Abbey, in Merionethshire, p. 742.

Nunnery of MARHAM, or MARHAM BARBARA, in Norfolk, p. 743.

ELRETON, or ELLERTON-UPON-SWALE Nunnery, in Yorkshire, p. 745.

ST. BERNARD'S COLLEGE of Cistercians, in Oxford, p. 745.