[Table of Contents for Dugdale Volume 4]


Cathedral Priory of Nrowich, p. 1.

Benedictine Nunnery of Redlingfield, in Suffolk, p. 25.

Abbey of Reading, in Berkshire, p. 28.

Priory of Leominster, in Herefordshire, a Cell to the Abbey of Reading, p. 51.

Priory of Rindelgros, in Scotland, a Cell to Reading, p. 60.

Priory of May, in Scotland, a Cell to Reading, p. 61.

Priory of Cadweli, Cadwelle, or Kidwelly, in Caermarthenshire, a Cell to the Abbey of Sherbourne, p. 63.

Nunnery of Carow, Kairo, or Carhou, in hte suburbs of Norwich, p. 68.

Handale, or Grendale Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 74.

Nunnery of Clerkenwell, in Middlesex, p. 77.

Benedictine Nunnery of Wroxhall, in Warwickshire, p. 88.

Colne, Colum, Colun, or Earles Colne Priory, in Essex, p. 95.

Canwell, or Canoll Priory, in Staffordshire, p. 104.

Benedictine Nunnery of Fairwell, in Staffordshire, p. 110.

Nunnery of Pinley, or Pynelegh, in Warwickshire, p. 113.

Nunnery of Stratford at Bow, otherwise called St. Leonard Bromley, in Middlesex, p. 119.

Priory of Frisetun, or Freston, in Loncolnshire, a Cell to the Abbey of Croyland, p. 124.

Abbey of St. Dogmael, in Pembrokeshire, p. 128.

Cell of Caldey, in Pembrokeshire, p. 129.

Abbey of Walden, in Essex, p. 133.

Priory of Bromfield, in Shropshire, p. 154.

Nunnery of Bretford, in Warwickshire, p. 157.

Nunnery of Blythebury, in Staffordshire, p. 159.

Abbey of Tallach, Tallaghan, Tallesch, or Talley, in Caermarthenshire, p. 161.

Priory of Depyng, in Lincolnshire, a Cell to Thorney Abbey, p. 167.

Abbey of Alenceaster, Alceter, or Alcester, in Warwickshire, p. 172.

Nunnery of Lymbroke, or Lingebrooke, in Herefordshire, p. 181.

Nun-Kelynge, or Chilling Nunnery, in Yorkshire, p. 185.

Priory of Sandwell, in Staffordshire, p. 189.

Nunnery of Monketon, or Nun-Monkton, in Yorkshire, p. 192.

Halystan, or Holiscomb Nunnery, in Northumberland, p. 196.

Cell of Dunster, in Somersetshire , p. 200.

Nunnery of Blackborough, in Norfolk, p. 204.

Nunnery of Henwood, or Hynewode, anciently called Estwell, in Warwickshire, p. 210.

Nunnery of St. Radegund, at Cambridge, p. 215.

Nunnery of Langley, near Bredon, in Leicestershire, p. 219.

Nunnery of Seton, otherwise Lekelay, in Cumberland, p. 226.

Nunnery of Ankerwyke, in Buckinghamshire, p. 229.

Priory of Snelleshall, in Buckinghamshire, p. 233.

Priory of Birkenhead, in Cheshire: called also Birkenhedde, Bircheved, Byrkett, and Birkey-Wood, p. 239.

Nunnery of Marrick, in the Beanry and Archdeaconry of Richmond, in Yorkshire, p. 244.

Stodely, or Studley Nunnery, in Oxfordshire, p. 248.

Benedictine Nunnery of Stanford, or Stamford, in Northamptonshire, p. 257.

Wyrthorp, Wridthorp, or Woolsthrop Nunnery, near Stanford, in Northamptonshire, p. 266.

Ivingho Nunnery, otherwise called meuresley, or St. Margaret's de Bosco, in Buckinghamshire, p. 1268.

Nunnery of Little Mareis, called also De Parvo Marisco, and Yeddingham, in Yorkshire, p. 273.

Burnham, or Nun Burnham Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 278.

Lythom, or Lethum Priory, in Lancashire, a Cell to the Monastery of Durham, p. 281.

Arden Nunnery, in Yorkshire, p. 284.

Davington, or Daunton Nunnery, in Kent, p. 288.

Nunnery of Fosse, near or without Torkesey, in Lincolnshire, p.292.

Wallingwells, Wellendwell, or St. Mary de Parco, in Nottinghamshire, p. 295.

Flamstead Nunnery, in Herfordshire, p. 299.

Nunnery of Derby, otherwise called King's mead, or De Pratis Domini Regis, p. 302.

Nunnery of Lambley upon the Tyne, in Northumberland, p. 305.

Stanfeld, Stynesfeld, or Steinfield Nunnery, in Lincolnshire, p. 308.

Benedictine Nunnery of St. Mary at Chester, p. 312.

Rosedale, or Russedale Nunnery, in Yorkshire, p. 316.

Pembroke, or Monketon, in Pembrokeshire, p. 321.

St. Clements, or Clementhorpe Nunnery, at York, p. 343.

Cheshunt Nunnery, in Hertfordshire, p. 328.

Monastery of Finchale upon the Wear, near Durham, p. 330.

Benedictine Priory of St. James at Bristol, p. 333.

Nunnery of Bungay, in Suffolk, p. 337.

Scilly, in the Isle of Trescaw, in Cornwall, a Cell to the Abbey of Tavisock, p. 341.

Rowheiny, or Rowney Nunnery, in Hertfordshire, p. 342.

Priory of Luffield, in Northamptonshire, p. 345.

Nunnery of Wilberfosse, in Yorkshire, p. 354.

Nunnery of Godestow, in Oxfordshire, p. 357.

Nunnery of Lilleschurch, or Heyham, in Kent, p. 378.

Thickhed, Thickeved, or Tykenheved Nunnery, in Yorkshire, p. 384.

Nunnery of Hinchingbrooke, near Huntingdon, pl. 388.

Nunnery of Haliwell, in Middlesex, p. 390.

Nunnery of Keinton, or Kington St. Michael, in Wiltshire, p. 397.

Gloucester College, or Hall, in Exford, p. 403.

Priory of Holand, or Holland, in Wigan, in Lancashire, p. 409.

Nunnery of St. Sepulchre at Canterbury, p. 413.

Nunney of Canyngton, in Somersetshire, p.416.

Nunnery of Little Marlow, called also Minchin Marlow, in Buckinghamshire, p. 419.

Easebourne, or Esseburn Priory, in Sussex, p. 423.

Nunnery of Polleshoo, or Polslo, in Devonshire, p. 425.

Benedictine Abbey of Humbersteyn, in Lincolnshire, p. 430.

Priory of Hatfield Regis, in Essex, p. 433.

Nunnery of Castle Hedingham, in Essex, p. 436.

Nunnery of Ikelington, or Ickleton, in Cambridgshire, p. 439.

Pilton Priory, in Devonshire, a Cell to the Abbey of Malmesbury, p. 443.

Priory of Little Malvern, in Worcestershire, p. 446.

Nunnery of Swafham, or Spham Bulbeck, in Cambridgeshire, p. 457.

Priory of Aldeby, in Norfollk, p. 461.

Benedictine Priory of Lynn, in Norfolk, p. 462.

Benedictine Cell of Yarmouth, in Norfolk, p. 465.

Benedictine Priory of Cranbourne, in Dorsetshire, ibid.

Priory of Stanley St. Leonard, in Gloucestershire, a Cell to the Abbey of St. Peter Gloucester, p. 469.

Priory of St. Leonard Stanford, in Lincolnshire, a Cell to the Monastery of Durham, p. 472.

Nunnery of Thetford, in Norfolk, p. 475.

Cell of Farne Island, in Northumberland, p. 480.

Nunnery of St. Bartholomew at Newcastle upon Tyne, p. 484.

Nunnery of Littlemore, sometimes called Sandford, in Oxfordshire, p.490.

Bearwe, or minchin Barrow Nunnery, in Somersetshire, p. 496.

Nunnery of "The Black Ladies of Brewood," corruptly called Brewerne, in Staffordshire, p. 499.

Pilla, or Pille Priory, in Pembrokeshire, p. 502.

Benedictine Nunnery of Bromhald, in Berkshire, p. 506.

Priory of Bradwell, in Buckinghamshire, p. 508.

Nunnery of Wykes, in Essex, p. 513.

Nunnery of Arthington, in Yorkshire, p. 518.

Priory of Ewenny, Wenny, or Gwenny, in Glamorganshire, p. 523.

Cell of Redburne, in Hertfordshire, p. 525.

Benedictine Priory of St. Martin at Dover, p. 528.

Godeland, or Gotheland, in Yorkshire, a Cell to the Abbey of Whitby, p. 544.

Nunnery of of Grimseby, in Lincolnshire, p. 545.

Nesseham, or Nesham Priory, in the Country of Durham, p. 548.

Nunnery of St. Helen, London, p. 551.

Priory of Snape, or Snapes, in Suffolk, p. 556.

Priory of Walton St. Felix, Filchestow, Felixstow, or Tylstow, in Sussex, p. 562.

Nunnery of Molesby, or Molseby, in Yorkshire, p. 566.

Abbey of Faversham, in Kent, p. 568.

Priory of Penmon, or Glannach, in Anglesey, p. 581.

Benedictine Cell of Cardigan, p. 584.

Nunnery of Rusper, or Rupperrar, in Sussex, p. 586.

Priory of Molycournt, or De Bello Loco in Outwell, in Norfolk, p. 588.

Nunnery of St. Mary Magdalen at Bristol, p. 589.

Priory of Usk, or Cairusk, in Monmouthshire, p. 591.

Priory of Monmouth, in Monmouthshire, p. 595.

Abbey of St. John at Colchester, in Essex, p. 601.

Priory of Bergavenny, or Abergavenny, in Monmouthshire, p. 613.

Monstery of Hoxne, in Suffolk, p. 618.

Priory of Blythe, in Nottinghamshire, p. 620.

Priory of Totness, in Devonshire, p. 628.

Priory of Cardiff, in Glamorganshire, p. 632.

Priory of Basselech, or Basele, in Monmouthshire, p. 633.

Nunnery of Catesby, or Kateby, in Northamptonshire, p. 635.

Priory of Boxgrave, in Sussex, p. 641.

Cell of Warkworth, in Northumberland, p. 651.

Priory of Striguil, otherwise Chepstow, in Monmouthshire, p. 652.

Priory of Tywardreth, in Cornwall, p. 654.

Priory of Ramstede, or Remsted, in Sussex, p. 658.

Abbey of Bardsey, in Caernarvonshire, p. 659.

Priory of St. Leonard at Norwich, p. 662.

Cell of Oxney, in Northmaptonshire, p. 663.

Priory of Deerhurst, in Glucestershire, p. 644.

Priory of Sele, or Atte Sele, in Sussex, p. 668.

Priory of Folkeston, in Kent, p. 672.

Durham College of Benedictine Monds at Oxford, p. 676.

Priory of the Holy Trinity at York, p. 680.

Benedictine Cell, at Cambridge, p. 685.

Priory of Hedley, in Yorkshire, p. 686.

Lindisfarne, or Holy Island Monastery, in Northumberland, p. 687.

Cell of Lammana, in Cornwall, p. 690.

De Antiquis in Wallia CÅ“nobiis, p. 691.

Seals of the Monasteries