[Dugdale Volume 6-1 table of contents]


Monasteries of the Carthusian Order

Witham Priory, in Somersetshire, p. 1.

Priory of Henton, called also Atrium Dei, and Locus Dei, in Somersetshire, p. 3.

Charter-House, London, p. 6.

Monastery of Beauvale, or Pulchra Vallis, in Parco de Gresseley, in Nottinghamshire, p. 11.

Monastery of St. Anne, near Coventry, p. 15.

Priory of Kingston upon Hull, p. 19.

Priory of Mountgrace de Ingleby, in Yorkshire, p. 22.

The Priory in the Wood, near Eppeworth, in the Isle of Axholme, in Lincolnshire, p. 25.

Priory of Shene, in Surry, p. 29.

Monasteries of the Order of St. Augustine

Priory of Plympton, in Devonshire, p. 51.

Abbey of Waltham Holy Cross, in Essex, p. 56.

Pentney Priory, in Norfolk, p. 68.

Priory of Walsingham, in Norfolk, p. 70.

Thremhale Priory, in Essex, p. 75.

Austin Canons of Huntingdon, p. 78.

Priory of St. Oswald, in Gloucester, p. 82.

Barnwell Priory, in Cambridgeshire, p. 83.

Nosteli, Nostlai, or Nestelhoo Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 89.

Bredon Priory, in Leicestershire, p. 96.

Priory of Woodkirk, or Erdislaw, in Yorkshire; a Cell to Nostel Priory, p. 99.

Priory of Hyrst, in the Isle of Axholm, in Lincolnshire, p. 100.

Scokirke, Stowkirke, or Tockwith Priory, in Yorkshire; a Cell to Nostel, p. 102.

Bamgurgh Priory, in Northumberland, p. 103.

Prory of St. Julian and St. Botolph, Colchester, p. 104.

Abbey of Haghmon, in Shropshire, p. 107.

Abbey of St. James, Northampton, p. 114.

Priory of Wirkesop, in Nottinghamshire, p. 116.

Priory of Felley, in Nottinghamshire, p. 125.

Abbey of Lanthony, near Gloucester, p. 127.

Priory of Carlisle, p. 141.

Priory of Dunmow Parva, in Essex, p. 145.

Priory of Christ Church, or the Holy Trinity, within Aldgate, London, p. 150.

Priory of Taunton, in Somersetshire, p. 165.

Hastings Priory, in Sussex, p. 168.

Priory of St. Mary Overey, in Southwark, p. 169.

Bresethe, or Brisete Magna Priory, in Suffolk, p. 173.

Abbey of Cirencester, in Gloucestershie, p. 175.

Hexham Priory, in Northumberland, p. 179.

Priory of Studley, in Warwickshire, p. 185.

Priory of Laund, Landa, or Lodinton, in Leicestershire, p. 187.

Thurgarton Priory, in Nottinghamshire, p. 191.

Drax, Houm, or Heilham Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 194.

Marton Priory, in Yorkshire, p.197.

Bethkelert Priory, in Caernarvonshire, p. 200.

Priory of Bolton, in Yorkshire, p. 201.

Kirkham Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 207.

Launceston Priory, in Cornwall, p. 210.

Priory of St. Denys, near Southampton, p.212.

Priory of Leedes, in Kent, p. 215.

Hasilberge Priory, in Somersetshire, p. 218.

Priory afterwards the Abbey of Kenilworth, in Warwickshire, p. 219.

Priory of Stone, in Staffordshire, p. 225.

Priory of Brooke, in Rutlandshire, p. 233.

Priory of Lanercost, in Cumberland, p. 236.

Dunstaple Priory, in Bedfordshire, p. 238.

Southwyke Priory, in Hampshire, p. 243.

Priory of Merton, in Surrey, p. 245.

Abbey of Oseney, near Oxford, p. 248.

Priory of Ronton, or Routhon, in Staffordshire, p. 257, 750.

Priory of Pyneham, de Calceto, or the Causeway, in Sussex, p. 259.

Abbey of Lilleshull, near Duninton, in Shropshire, p. 261, 750.

Gisburne, or Gysburgh Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 265.

Cell of Scarthe, in Yorkshire, p. 276.

Nutley, or Noctele Priory, in Buckinghamshire, p. 277.

Bissemede, or Bushmead Priory, in Bedfordshire, p. 280.

Bridlington Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 284.

Priory of St. Bartholomew, in Smithfield, p. 291.

Wartre Priory, in Yorkshire, p. 284.

Twinham, or Christ Church Priory, in hampshire, p. 302.

Heringham, or Hardham Priory, in Sussex, p. 307.

Chich, or St. Osith's Priory, in Essex, p. 308.

Ikesworth, or Ixworth Priory, in Essex, p. 308.

Priory, afterwards Abbey of Norton, in Cheshire, p. 312.

Abbey of Newburgh, or De Novo Burgo, in Yorkshire, p. 317.

Austin Cell of Hode, in Yorkshire, p. 322.

Abbey of Dorchester, in Oxfordshire, p. 323.

Abbey of Thorneton upon the Humber, p. 324.

Bromere, or Brummore Priory, in Hampshire, p. 328.

Harwolde, or Harwood Priory, in Bedfordshire, p. 330.

Priory of Brinkburne, in Northumberland, p. 331.

Austin Nunnery of Legh, or Canonleigh, in Devonshire, p. 333.

Priory of Bruton, in Somersetshire, p. 335.

Austin Priory of Bradenstoke, in Wiltshire, p. 337.

Prioty of Nocton, or Nocton parke, in Lincolnshire, p. 341.

Austin Abbey of Wigmore, in Herefordshire, p. 343.

Thorneholm Priory, in Lincolnshire, p. 356.

Derley Priory, in Drbyshire, p. 357.

Abbey of st. Augustine, now Holry Trinity nad Cathedral, Bristol, p. 363.

Cokesford Priory, in Norfolk, p. 368.

Bourn, formerly Brunne Priory, in Lincolnshire, p. 370.

Newenham Priory, in Bedfordshire, p. 372.

Priory of Kyme, in Lincolnshire, p. 377.

Butley Priory, in Suffolk, p. 379.

Priory of Newark, in Surrey, p. 382.

Barlynch Priory, in Somersetshire, p. 384.

Priory of Wombridge, in Shropshire, p. 387.

Caldwell Priory, in Bedfordshire, p. 391.

Priory of Tunbridge, in Kent, p. 393.

Anglesey Priory, in Cambridgeshire, p. 394.

Trentham Priory, in Staffordshire, p. 396.

Wormeleye Priory, in Herefordshire, p. 398.

Priory of Royston, or de Cruce RoesiƦ, in Hertfordshire, p. 404.

Priory oif Erdbury, in Warwickshire, p. 406.

Priory of Poughley, in Berkshire, p. 408.

Abbey of Roucester, or Rocettur, in Staffordshire, p. 409.

Combwell Priory, in kent, p. 412.

Priory of Worspring, or Wordspring, in Somersetshire, p. 414.

Priory of Ivy church, in Wiltshire, p. 416.

Priory of Old Buckenham, in Norfolk, p. 418.

Priory of Cold Norton, in Oxfordshire, p. 420.

Abbey of Osulveston, or Ouston, in Leicestershire, p. 422.

Priory of Torkesey, in Lincolnshire, p. 425.

Chaucomb, or Saucomb Priory, in Northamptonshire, p. 426.

Repingdon, or Repton Priory, in Drbyshire, including the Cell of Calke, p. 428.

Caermarthen Priory, p. 431.

Burcester Priory, in Oxfordshire, p. 432.

Hertland, or Hartland Abbey, in Devonshire, p. 435.

Priory of Helagh Park, in Yorkshire, p. 437.

Priory of Canons Ashby, in Northamptonshire, p. 441.

Haverford Priory, in Pembrokeshire, p. 444.

Woodham Ferrars, or Bickenacre Priory, in Essex, p. 445.

Priory of the Holy Trinity, at Ipswich, p. 447.

Castel Hymel, or Fineshed Priory, in Horthamptonshire, p. 449.

Keynsham Abbey, in Somersetshire, p. 451.

Kertmel, or Cartmele Priory, in Lancashire, p. 454.

Abbey of Westwood in Lesnes, in Kent, p. 456.

Burscough Priory, in Lancashire, p. 457.

Staverdale Priory, in Somersetshire, p. 460.

Abbey of St. Mary de Pre, or de Pratis, near Leicester, p. 462.

Wellow, or Grimesby Abbey, Lincolnshire, p. 469.

Priory of St. Thomas, at Stafford, p. 471.

Newstead Abbey, in Nottinghamshire, p. 473.

Hickling Priory, in Norfolk. p. 475.

Priory of Stoneley, in Huntingdonshire, p. 476.

Priory of Mobberley, in Cheshire, p. 477.

Priory of Spinney, in Cambridgeshire, p. 478.

Priory of Motisfont, in Hampshire, p. 480.

Frithelstoke, or Fristoke Priory, in Devonshire, p. 484.

Wroxton Priory, in Oxfordshire, p. 485.

Abbey of Creyk, in Norfolk, p. 486.

Acornbury Priory, in Herefordshire, p. 489.

Priory of Bilsington, in Kent, p. 492.

Austin Priory of Bradley, in Leicestershire, p. 193.

Austin Priory of Michelham, in Sussex, p. 494.

Ratlingcope, or Ratelynghope Priory , in Shropshire, p. 496.

Ravenston Priory, in Buckinghamshire, p. 497.

Chetwood Priory ,in Buckinghamshire, p. 499.

Nunnery of Lacock, in Wiltshire, p. 500.

Priory of Selborne, in Hampshire, p. 510.

Priory of Kirkby Beler, in Leicestershire, p. 511.

Reygate Priory, in Surrey, p. 517.

Priory of Haltemprice, in Yorkshire, p. 519.

Badlesmere Priory, in Kent, p. 522.

Priory of Maxstoke, in Warwickshire, p. 523.

Bustlesham, bisham, or Bysham Montague Priory, in Berkshire, p. 526.

Priory of Flanesford, in Herefordshire, p. 534.

Edindon, Edyngdon, or Hedington Priory, in Wiltshire, p. 535.

Dertford Nunnery, in Kent, p. 537.

Syon Nunnery, in Middlesex, p. 540.

Austin Priory of Benethley, or Bentley, in Middlesex, p. 544.

Burnham Abbey, in Buckinghamshire, p. 545.

Abbey of Missenden, in Buckinghamshire, p. 547.

Monastery of Greisley, in Derbyshire, p. 550.

Nunnery of Cornworthy, in Devonshire, p. 550.

Berden Priory, in Essex, p. 551.

Priory of Blacmore, in Essex, p. 552.

Lighes, or Lees Priory, in Essex, p. 553.

Tiptre Priory, in Essex, p. 554.

Priory of Wymondesley Parva, in Hertfordshire, p. 555.

Priory or Hospital of Conisheved, in Lancashire, p. 555.

Ellesham, Elsham, or Ailsham Priory, in Lincolnshire, p. 559.

Markeby, or Merkeby Priory, in Lincolnshire, p. 561.

Newstede Priory, in Lincolnshire, p. 562.

Sandleford Priory, in Berkshire, p. 564.

Ulvescroft Priory, in Leicestershire, p. 565.

Grace Dieu Priory at Belton, in Leicestershire, p.567.

Beeston Priory, in Norfolk, p. 568.

Priory of Bromehill, or Bromwell, in Norfolk, p. 569.

Lantonia Prima, Lantony, or Llanhodenei, in Monmouthshire, p. 569.

Nunnery of Crabhouse, or Wigenhale, in Norfolk, p. 570.

Priory of Hempton, in Norfolk, p. 571.

Priory of Massingham Magna, in Norfolk, p. 572.

Mountjoy Priory, in Norfolk, p. 572.

Peterston Priory, or Hospital, in Norfolk, p. 574.

Austin Cell of Sheringham, in Norfolk, p. 575.

Westacre Priory, in Norfolk, p. 575.

Rothwell Nunnery, in Northamptonshire, p. 576.

Priory of Shelford, in Nottinghamshire, p. 577.

Austin Cell of Caversham, in Oxfordshire, p. 579.

Austin Cell of Carham upon Tweed, Northumberland, p. 579.

Brioptune, or Briontune Priory, in Wiltshire, p. 579.

Priory of Ovingham, in Northumberland, p. 579.

Cell of Lees, in Staffordshire, p. 579.

Priory of Chirbury, in Shropshire, p. 580.

Wolinchmere, or Shulbred Priory, in Sussex, p. 580.

Hermitage or Priory of Byrkley, in Somersetshire, p. 581.

Goring Nunnery, in Oxfordshire, p. 581.

Fliteham Priory, in Norfolk, p. 582.

Longleat, or Langelete Priory, in Wiltshire, p. 583.

Alenborne, Anesborne, or Alborne Priory, in Suffolk, p. 583.

Campes, Campess, or Campsey Priory, in Suffolk, p. 583.

Bliburgh, or Blythburrow Priory, in Suffolk, p. 587.

Chipley Priory, in Suffolk, p. 589.

Priory of North Ferriby, in Yorkshire, p. 589.

Dodnash Priory, in Suffolk, p. 590.

Wormegay Priory, in Norfolk, p. 591.

Wayburn Priory, in Norfolk, p. 591.

Kersy Priory, in Suffolk, p. 592.

Flixton Nunnber, in Suffolk, p. 593.

Weybridge Priory, in Norfolk, p. 594.

Cell of calwich, or Calewyck, in Staffordshire, p. 595.

Austin Cell of Halywell, in Warwickshire, p. 595.

Austin Cell of Letheringham, in Suffolk, p. 596.

Priory of Tortington, in Sussex, p. 597.

Austin Cell of Calke, in Derbyshire, p. 598.

Thirling Priory, in Cambridgeshire, p. 598.

Priory of St. Peter and St. Paul, in Ipswich, Suffolk, p. 599.

Heringflet, or Herlynflete Priory, in Suffolk, p. 600.

Woodbridge Priory, in Suffolk, p. 600.

Latton Priory, in Essex, p. 601.

Canons of St. Sepulchre at Warwick, p. 602.

Tandridge priory, in Surrey, p. 603.

Hospital, Nunnery, or Free Chapel, at Ilchester, in Somersetshire, p. 604.