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This text was first published by Placido T. LUGANO, in Rivista Storica Benedettino (III, 1908, p. 147-8). This journal continued from 1947 under the title Benedictina: http://www.openaccess.it/mei/RIVISTA.HTM

Father Lugano republished the document in the Introduction (pp. xxii-xxix) of I processi inediti per Francesca Bussa dei Bonziani (Santa Francesca Romana) 1440-1453 (Studi e testi 120). Citta del Vaticano: 1945. This was a publication of the Vatican Library’s Studi e Testi Series: http://www.vatican.va/library_archives/vat_library/

(public domain: op since 1945; author dead; less than 10%)