Dugdale, William, Sir. Dugdale's Monasticon Volume 6 Part 2 in Monasticon Anglicanum: a History of the Abbies and other Monasteries, Hospitals, Frieries, and Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, with their Dependencies, in England and Wales ().

Dugdale's Monasticon Volume 6 Part 2
Primary Author:
Dugdale, William, Sir
Table of Contents for Volume 6 Part 2 Table of contents for Dugdale Volume 6 Part 2
Nosteli, Nostlai, or Nestelhoo Priory, in Yorkshire, De Coenobiis Cisterciencium Regni Scotiae, ABbey of Dumfermling, Abbey of Dryburgh in Berwickshire, Abbey of Aberbrothic, Abbey of Lindores, in Perthshire, Priory of Coldingham, in Scotland, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, otherwise Christ Church, Dublin, Priory of Tristernagh, in the County of Westmeath, Priory of Toberglorie, in the County of Down, Priory of Bridgetown, or De Ponte Fermoy, in the County of Cork, Priory of Nannagh, in the County of Tipperary, Nunnery of Clonard, in the County of Meath, Priory of St. John the Evangelist, in Kilkenny, Monasteries of Kells and Inistioge, in the County of Kilkenny, Abbey of Ferns, in the County of Wexford, Priory of St. Thomas the Martyr at Dublin, Priory of All Saints Dublin, Hospital of St. Mary near Drogheda, Abbey or Priory of Great Conall, in the County of Kildare, ABbey of Ballintober, in the County of Mayo, Abbey of Holy Cross, in the County of Tipperary, Abbey of Owney, or Wotheney, called also the Abbey of Abbington, in the County of Limerick, Abbey of St. Mary de Valle Salutis, Tintern Abbey, in the County of Wexford, Abbey of Graignemanagh, called also Duisk, and the Abbey of the Vale of St. Saviour, Abbey of Rossglas, or De Rosea Valle, Abbey of Newry, in the County of Down, Abbey of Mellifont, in the County of Louth, Abbey of Kilcooly, in Tipperary, Abbey of Jerpoint, in the County of Kilkenny, Abbey of Dunbrody, in the County of Wexford, Abbey of Beaubec, in the County of Meath, Monastery or Arklow, in the County of Wicklow, Priory of Ocymild, Monastery of Neddrum, in the County of Down, Priory of Kilcommin, in the County of Tipperary, Nunnery of Grany, in the County of Kildare, Abbey of Downpatrick, Nunnery of St. John Baptist at Cork, Priory of St. Andrew at Ardes, in Ireland, Cathedral Church of Rouen, in Normandy, Nuns of St. Dominick, near Rouen, Abbey of Beauport, in Brittany, Blanche Lande Abbey, in Normandy, Hospital of the Holy Ghost at Rome, Vernon Hospital, in Normandy, Leprous Hospital of Kenkilli, near Rouen, in Normandy, Hospital of St. Mary at Boulogne, Priory of Fougeres, in the Diocese of Rennes, Priory of S. Wlaur, at Boulogne, Priory of Bellecnombre, Abbey of St. Martin and St. Barbara, usually called St. Barre en Auge, in Normandy, Abbey of Notre Dame du Voeu, at Cherburg, Bonport Abbey, in the Diocese of Evreux, Abbey of Aunay, in Normandy, Abbey of Clugny, in Burgundy, Sainte's Nunnery, in the Province of Acquitaine, The Abbey of St. Vandrille, anciently called Fontenelle, in Normandy, Abbey of St. Valery, in Picardy, Abbey of St. Victor en Caux, Abbey of Trouarn, Abbey of St. Saviour, in the Diocese of Coutance, Abbey of St. Nicholas, at Anjou, Abbey of St. Martin D'Acy, Abbey of Savigny, in Normandy, Abbey of St. Amand, at Rouen, Abbey of St. Mary de Pre, at Rouen, Abbey of St. Remigius, at Rheims, Priory of St. Martin Des Champs, in the suburbs of Paris, Abbey of La Noue, Abbey of Montebourg, in Normandy, New Monastery of St. John, at Poietiers, Abbey of St. Martin, at Marmontier, Abbey of Lonlay, Abbey of Lire, Abbey of Gre Stein, in Normandy, Abbey of Grandmont, in Normandy, Abbey of Gaille-Fontaine, Abbey of Jumieges, in Normandy, Abbey of Foucarmont, Abbey of Fontevraud, Abbey of Fontenay, in Normandy, Abbey of St. Florant, at Saumur, Abbey of Fecamp, in Normandy, Abbey of Lessay, in Normandy, Abbey of St. Evroul, Abbey of St. Deny, near Paris, Abbey of Cormeilles, Abbey of St. Vigor, at Cerisy, in the Diocese of Baieux, Abbey of The Holy Trinity, at Caen, Abbey of St. Stephen, at Caen, Abbey of Beaubec, in Normandy, Abbey of Beg, or Bec Hellouin, in Normandy, Abbey of St. George at Bocherville, in Normandy, French Monastaries, Introduction, Alien Hospital at Great Thurlow, in Norfolk, Alien Hospital at Writtel, in Essex, Priory at Endeston, or Eynestane, in Somersetshire, Priory at Horstede, in Norfolk, Alien Priory at Dokkyng, in Norfolk, Priory at Harmondesworth, in Middlesex, Alien Priory at Bondeby, in Lincolnshire, Cell at Titley, in Herefordshire, Priory at Wytherness, in Yorkshire, Alien Priory at Stratton St. Margaret's, in Wiltshire, Cell at Atherington, in Sussex, Manton, in Rutlandshire, Alien Priory at Wileketone, or Willoughton, in Lincolnshire, Ickham, in Oxfordshire, Cell at Muckleford, in Dorsetshire, Alien Cell at Tunstall, in Devonshire, Priory of St. Clare, in Caermarthenshire, Alien Priory of Scardeburgh, in Yorkshire, Priory of Ecclesfield, in Yorkshire, Priory of Begare, in Yorkshire, Alien Priory of Astley, in Worcestershire, Alien Priory of Uphaven, in Wiltshire, Alien Priory of Cosham, in Wiltshire, Alien Priory of Clatford, in Wiltshire, Priory of Charleton, near Uphaven, in Wiltshire, Priory of Avebury, in Wiltshire, Alien Priory of Wolfricheston, or Wolston, in Warwickshire, Warmington Priory, in Warwickshire, Priory of Wilmington, in Sussex, Sumpting Priory, in Sussex, Alien Priory of Stayning, in Sussex, Rotherfield Priory, in Sussex, Alien Priory of Hou, or Hoo, in Sussex, Alien Priory of Tooting, or Tooting Bec, in Surrey, Alien Priory of Clare, in Suffolk, Endeston, or Eynestane Priory, in Somersetshire, Priory of Edith Weston, or Edwyeston, in Rutlandshire, Alien Priory of Minster-Lovel, in Oxfordshire, Charleton Upon Otmoore, in Oxfordshire, Priory of Wedon on the Street, in Northamptonshires, Priory of Everdon, in Northamptonshire, Alien Priory of Sporle, in Norfolk, Priory of Lesingham, in Norfolk, Alien Priory of Fieldallyng, in Norfolk, Alien Priory of Riselipp, in Middlesex, Priory of Wenghale, in Lincolnshire, Priory of West Raven Dale, in Lincolnshire, Alien Priory of Limbergh Magna, in Lincolnshire, Hagham, Hacharn, or Hayham Priory, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Cameringham, in Lincolnshire, Thurlegh, or Trewelegh Priory, in Kent, Alien Priory of Ware, in Hertfordshire, Priory of Acley, or Lyre Ogle, in Herefordshire, St. Helen's Priory, in the Isle of Wight, Hamele, or Hamelrise Priory, in Hampshire, Alien Priory of Hailing, in Hampshire, Priory of Noent, in Gloucestershire, Alien Priory of Brimsfield, or Bromsfeud, in Gloucestershire, Alien Priory of Beccanford, or Bekeford, in Gloucestershire, Alien Priory of Takeley, in Essex, Paunsfield, or Panfield Priory, in Essex, Priory of Llangenith, in Glamorganshire, Priory of New Rumney, in Kent, Alien Priory of Wareham, in Dorsetshire, Alien Priory of St. Cross, in the Isle of Wight, Alien Priory of Andewell, in Hampshire, Alien Priory of Axmouth, in Devonshire, Alien Priory of Wence, in Buckinghamshire, Priory of Povington, in Dorsetshire, Priory of Elingham, in Hampshire, Alien Priory of Spectesbury, in Dorsetshire, Alien Priory of Ipelpen, in Devonshire, Alien Priory of Winterburn Wast, in Dorsetshire, Priory of Tregony, in Cornwall, Minster, or Talcarn Priory, in Cornwall, Alien Priory of Lynton, in Cambridgeshire, Alien Priory of Iselham, in Cambridgeshire, Priory of Stratfield Say, in Berkshire, Alien Priory of Steventon, in Berkshire, Priory of De La Grave, in Bedfordshire, Priory of Cowike, or Cuich, near Exeter, Alien Priory of Lappele, in Staffordshire, Alien Priory of Modbury, in Devonshire, Alien Priory of Caresbrooke, in the Isle of Wight, Priory of Tykeford, in Buckinghamshire, Priory of Newinton-Longaville, in Buckinghamshire, Alien Priory of Cresswell, in Herefordshire, Priory of Sidmouth, in Devonshire, Priory of Otterington, or Otterton, in Devonshire, Priory of Levenestre, in Sussex, Priory of Alberbury, or Abberbitry, in Shropshire, Priory of Horkeslegh, or Horsley, in Gloucestershire, Alien Priory of Hinckley, in Leicestershire, Priory of Haghe, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Allerton Malleverer, ill Yorkshire, Priory of Tofte, or Monk's Toft, in Norfolk, Priory of Monkenlane, in Herefordshire, Priory of Grosmont, in Yorkshire, Priory of Long Benyngton, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Minting, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Goldcliff, in Monmouthshire, Birstall Priory in Yorkshire, Priory of Wedon Pinkney, in Northamptonshire, Priory of Willesford, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Okeburn, in Wiltshire, Priory of Llangkywan, near Gresmond, in Monmouthshire, Priory of Burwell, in Lincolnshire, Priory of West Shirburne, in Hampshire, Priory of Stoke Curcy, in Somersetshire, Cell of Burne or Patricksburne, in Kent, Priory of Welles, or Well Hall, ill Geyton, in Norfolk, Priory of Westwood, in Worcestershire, Priory of Cogges, in Oxfordshire, Priory of Blakenham, in Suffolk, Priory of Swavesey, in Cambridgeshire, Priory of Frampton, in Dorsetshire, Apeldercomb Priory in the Isle of Wight, Priory of Lodres, in Dorsetshire, Alien Priory of Lancaster, Priory of Monks Kirby, in Warwickshire, Priory of Wotton Wawen, alias Walwaynes, in Warwickshire, Priory of Covenham, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Andover, in Hampshire, Priory of Mercy, or West Meresey, in Essex, Priory of St. Michael's Mount, in Cornwall, Priory of Lewesham, in Kent, Alien Priories in England, chiefly of the Order of St. Benedict, Introduction, Priory of Tunstal, near Redburn, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Hitchin, in Hertfordshire, Priory of Fordham, in Cambridgeshire, Priory of Clattercote, in Oxfordshire, Gilbertine Priory at Cambridge, Priory of Marleburgh, or Marlborough, in Wiltshire, Priory of Pulton, in Wiltshire, Priory of Welles, Otherwise Mirmaud, in Cambridgeshire, Priory of Oveton, in Yorkshire, Gilbertin Priory of Elreton, in Yorkshire, Shouldham Priory, in Norfolk, Priory of Old Malton, in Yorkshire, Priory of Holland Brigge, in Lincolnshire, Priory of St. Catherine, Lincoln, Priory of Catteley, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Newstede on Ancolm, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Mattersey, in Nottinghamshire, Priory of Sixhill, or Sixle, in Lincolnshire, Priory of North Ormesby, in Lincolnshire, Priory of St. Andrew at York, Priory of Alvingham, or Affingham, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Watton, in Yorkshire, Priory of Bullington, or Bolyngton, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Chicksand, in Bedfordshire, Priory of Haverholm, in Lincolnshire, Sempringham, in Lincolnshire, Monastries of the Order of St. Gilbert of Sempringham otherwise called the Gilbertine order, Introduction, Shoreham, Beccles, Bruton, Cell of Kalenda, or Kaylend, in Northamptonshire, Premonstratensian Cell of Dodford, in Worcestershire, Abbey of Egleston, in Yorkshire, Abbey of St. Radigund, alias Bradsole, near Dover, in Kent, Abbey of Dureford, in Sussex, Premonstratensian Nunnery of Irford, in Lincolnshire, Priory of Horneby, in Lancashire, Abbey of Home Lacy, or Hamme, in Herefordshire, Abbey of Tichfield, in Hampshire, Abbey of Langley, in Norfolk, Abbey of Hales, or Hales Owen, in Shropshire, Torr Abbey, in Devonshire, Abbey of St. Agatha, at Easby, in Yorkshire, Corham, or Coverham Abbey, in Yorkshire, Abbey of Barlings, in Lincolnshire, Premonstratensian Nunnery of Brodholm, in Nottinghamshire, Beigham, or Bayham Abbey, in Sussex, Abbey of Cokersand, in Lancashire, Abbey of Sulby, in Northamptonshire, Abbey of Bileigh, near Maldon, in Essex, Abbey of West Dereham, in Norfolk, Abbey of Langdon, or West Langdon, in Kent, Abbey of Le Dale, or De Parco Stanley, in Derbyshire, Abbey of Hagneby, in Lincolnshire, Wendling Abbey, in Norfolk, Lavenden Abbey, in Buckinghamshire, Abbey of Newbo, in Lincolnshire, Abbey of Blancland, or Alba-Landa, in Nrothumberland, Abbey of Beauchief, in Derbyshire, Abbey of Leystone, in Suffolk, Abbey of Croxton, in Leicestershire, Abbey of Welbeck, in Nottinghamshire, Abbey of Tupholm, in Lincolnshire, Abbey of Shapp, anciently Hepp, in Westmoreland, Abbey of Alnewick, in Northumberland, Premonastratensian Abbey of Newhouse. in Lincolnshire, Premonstratensian Order, Introduction, Dunwich Preceptory, in Suffolk, Sadlescomb Preceptory, in Sussex, Temple Newsom Preceptory, inYorkshire, Temple Hurste Preceptory, in Yorkshire, Hadescoe Preceptory, in Norfolk, Temple, London, English Houses of the Knights Templars of the Order of St. Augustine, Introduction, Greenham Preceptory at Thatcham, in Berkshire, Yeveley, alias Stede Preceptory, in Derbyshire, Witham, or South Wytham Preceptory, in Lincolnshire, Wileketone Preceptory, in Lincolnshire, Preceptory of Great Wilburgham, in Cambridgeshire, Warwick Preceptory, in Warwickshire, Waingrif House of Hospitalars, in Denbighshire, Trebigh, or Turbigh Preceptory, in Cornwall, Swingfield Preceptory, in Kent, Swinford Preceptory, in Leicestershire, Sutton at Hone Commandry, in Kent, Standon Preceptory, in Hertfordshire, Slebach Preceptory, in Pembrokeshire, Skirbeke Preceptory, in Lincolnshire, Shengay Preceptory, in Cambridgeshire, Rotheley Preceptory, in Leicestershire, Temple Rockley Preceptory, in Wiltshire, Ribstane Preceptory, in Yorkshire, Queinington Preceptory, in Gloucestershire, Pooling Preceptory, in Sussex, Little, or West Peccham Preceptory, in Kent, Newland Preceptory, in Yorkshire, Mount St. John Preceptory, in Yorkshire, Mere Preceptory, in Lincolnshire, Melchburn Preceptory, in Bedfordshire, Mayne, or Fryer Mayne Preceptory, in Dorsetshire, Little Maplestead Preceptory, in Essex, Maltby Preceptory, near Lowth, in Lincolnshire, Hogshaw Commandry, in Buckinghamshire, Hether Preceptory, in Leicestershire, Hampton Preceptory, in Middlesex, Halston, or Hawston Preceptory, in Norfolk, Gosford Preceptory, near Kidlington, in Oxfordshire, Godesfield Preceptory, in Hampshire, Gislingham Preceptory, in Suffolk, Egle, or Aquilae Ballivatus, in Lincolnshire, Temple Dynnesley, in Hertfordshire, Dynmore Preceptory, in Herefordshire, Dingley Preceptory, in Northamptonshire, Dalby Preceptory, in Leicestershire, Temple Cressing Preceptory, in Essex, Temple Cowley, or Sandford Preceptory, in Oxfordshire, Temple Comb Preceptory, in Somersetshire, Preceptory of Chippenham, in Cambridgeshire, Carbroke Preceptory, in Norfolk, Bruern, or Temple Bruer Preceptory, in Lincolnshire, Bridipton Preceptory, in Berkshire, Beverley Preceptory, in Yorkshire, Batisford Preceptory, in Suffolk, Barrow Preceptory, in Cheshire, Balshall Preceptory, in Warwickshire, South Badeisley Preceptory, in Hampshire, Aslakeby Preceptory, in Lincolnshire, Ansty Preceptory, in the County of Wilts, Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, near Clerkenwell, London, English Houses of the Knights Hospitalars of St. John of Jerusalem of The Order of St. Augustine, Introduction, Hospitals of St. Mary Magdalene and St. John Baptist, near Tenby, Hospital at Pembroke, Hospital at Lawardyn, in Pembrokeshire, Hospital of Swansey, in Glamorganshire, Rhudland Hospital, in Flintshire, Hospitals of St. Anthony, The Great Hospital of St. Mary at Boutham, Boutham Hospital the Less, Fishergate, St. Giles..., Hospitals at Whitby, Hospital of St. Leonard, at Tickhill, Hospital at Sutton, Sprotburgh Hospital, Hospitals at Sherborn, in Yorkshire, Hospitals of St. Anne and St. John at Ripon, Hospitals of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Nicholas, at Pontefract, Hospital at Pickering, Hospital at Otteley, Hospital at Norton, Hospital at Mitton, near Kingston upon Hull, Hospital at Middleham, Hospital of Lowcrosse, in Yorkshire, Godshouse, Grigg's, Mariner's, Pole's, and Selby's Hospitals, at Kingston Upon Hull, Hospitals at Fountains Abbey, Hospital at Foulsnape, St. James's and St. Nicholas's Hospitals, at Doncaster, Hospital at Catterick, Hospital at Boughton, near Malton, in Yorkshire, Hospital at Breydeford, in Yorkshire, Hospital at Braceford, Hospital of St. Giles, Trinity Hospital, and St. Nicholas, at Beverley, Hospital at Bawtry, Bagby Hospital, in Yorkshire, Hospitals of St. James, and Maison Dieu, at North Allerton, in Yorkshire, Hospitals of St. Oswald and St. Wolstan, at Worcester, Hospital at Droitwich, in Worcestershire, Hospital at Wotton Basset, in Wiltshire, Hospitals of St. Giles and St. John, at Wilton, Harnham and St. John's Hospitals, at Salisbury, Hospital at Merton, in Wiltshire, Hospitals of St. John and St. Thomas of Canterbury, at Marleburgh, Ancient Hospitals at Devizes, Hospital at Cricklade, Hospital of St. John, at Calne, Hospital at Bradford, in Wiltshire, Hospital at Kirkby, in Kendale, Hospital at Brough, Hospital at Appleby, in Westmoreland, Hospitals of St. John Baptist, St. Michael, and St. Thomas, at Warwick, Hospital at Henley, in Warwickshire, St. John's Hospital, The Grey Friars Hospital, and Sponne's Hospital, at Coventry, Hospital at Bermingham, in Warwickshire, Hospital of St.Edmund, at Windeham, in Sussex, Hospital at Seaford, Hospital of Pleydone, at Rye, Hospitals of St. John Baptist, at Pevensey, Hospitals of St. James and St. Nicholas, at Lewes, Hospital at Herting, Hospitals of St. Mary Magdalen and St. Mary, at Chichester, Hospital at Buckstead, in Sussex, Hospital of Our Lady and St. Katherine, at Newington, in Surrey, Hospitals at Kingston, Hospital at Croydon, Hospital at Cookham, in Surrey, Hospital at Great Thurlow, in Suffolk, Hospital at Sudbury, in Suffolk, Hospital of St. Leonard, at Orford, Joint Hospitals of St. Mary Magdalene and St. James, at Ipswich, House for Lepers at Gorlestone, Leprous Hospital at Eye, in Suffolk, Maison Dieu and St. James's Hospital at Dunwich, Hospitals of God's House, St. Nicholas, St. Peter, and St. Saviour, at Bury St. Edmund's, in Suffolk, Hospital at Tamworth, Hospitals of St. John and St. Leonard, at Stafford, Hospitals at Lichfield, in Staffordshire, Hospitals of St. Bartholomew, St. Catharine, Trinity Hospital, Lyons, St. Margaret's, St. Mary Magdalene's, and etc. at Bristol, Leper House at Taunton, House of Lepers at Selwood, House of Lepers at Langeport, Hospital at Glastonbury, St. Giles's Hospital at Bridgewater, in Somersetshier, Hospitals of St. John Baptist and St. Mary Magdalene at Bath, Hospital of Poor Brethren at Whitchurch, in Shropshire, Wenlock Hospital, St. John Baptist's Hospital at Shrewsbury, Hospital at Berton, in Shropshire, Hospital at Manton, in Rutlandshire, Hospital of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Mary Magdalene, at Woodstock, Hospital at Crowmersh, in Oxfordshire, Hospital at Burford, Hospital at Banbury, in Oxfordshire, Hospital of St. Mary Magdalene, in or near Southwell, St. Leonard's Hospital at Nottingham, Hospitals of St. leonard and the Spittle at Newark, Hospital of St. Anthony at Lenton, Bradebusk Hospital, at Gonalston, Hospital at Blythe, in Nottinghamshire, Hospital at Twedemouth, in Northumberland, Hospitals of St. Mary and St. Mary Magdalen, Maison Dieu, and Brigham's Hospital, at Newcastle, Morpeth Hospital, Hospital of Jesmont, Hospitals at Hexham, Hospital of Elleshaugh, Hospital at Catchburne, Maison Died, and Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen at Berwick, St. Leonard's Hospital at Alnwick, Northumberland, Hospital at Towcester, Hospitals of St. Leonard and St. Thomas, at Peterborough, Hospitals of St. John Baptist, and St. Leonard Northampton, Hospital at Higham Ferrers, Hospitals of St. Dewe, or St. David, near Kingsthorp, or Holy Trinity without Northampton, House of Leprous Persons at Cotes, Near Rockingham, Hospital at Brackley, Hospital at Aynho, Armeston Hospital, in Northamptonshire, St. Mary's Hospital at Yarmouth, Hospital at Wymondham, Hospital of Walsoken, Hospital, or Lazar House, at Walsingham, Hospitals of God's House, St. John, St. Mary and St. Julian, St. Mary Magdalen, and St. Margaret, at Thetford, Hospital at West Somerton, Racheness in Southacre Hospital, Hospitals of Gods House, Hyldebrond's Spittle, St. Mary Magdalen, St. Saviour, and etc. in Norwich, Lazare Houses at Lynne, Langwade Hospital, Horning Hospital, in Norfolk, Great Hobesse, Hautbois, or De Alto Bosco Hospital, Hospital of Heringby, Hospital of Hardwic, in Norfolk, Boycodeswade, near Cokesford, in Norfolk, Bec, Monmouth Hospital, Syon, or Brentford Hospital, St. Paul's Hospital, London, Hospital of The Papey, Hospital of St. Giles, Without Cripplegate, Charing-Cross Hospital, St. Anthony's Hospital, Knightsbridge Hospital, Hospital at Highgate, near London, Wrauby Hospital, in Lincolnshire, House of Lepers at Stanford belonging to Peterborough Abbey, Hospital of Spittel on the Street, in Lincolnshire, Mere Hospital, Hospitals of St. Giles, St. Mary, and The Holy Sepulchre, at Lincoln, Dunstane or Dunston Hospital, Hospital at Boston, in Lincolnshire, Tilton Hospital, Hospital at Lutterworth, Hospitals of St. John and St. Ursula, at Leicester, Castle Donington Hospital in Leicestershire, Preston Hospital in Lancashire, Hospital at Lancaster, Tanington, or Catesbury St. James Hospital, in Kent, Hospital at Swinestre, in Kent, Hospitals at Sevenoke, in Kent, Hospitals of St. Thomas and St. Bartholomew, at Sandwich, Eastgate Hospital at Rochester, Hospital at Puckeshall, in Kent, Hospital at Otteford, Hospital or Maison Dieu, at Ospring, Hospital at Milton, near Gravesend, Hospitals anciently existing at Hythe, in Kent, St. Bartholomew's Hospital at Dover, Hospitals at Dartford, Hospital at Chatham, in Kent, Hospitals of St. John Baptist or Northgate, St. Lawrence, and St. Margaret, at Canterbury, Hospital at Broughton under Blean, in Kent, Hospital of St. John Baptist, at Huntingdon, Hospitals at Royston, Hospital at Hoddesdon, in Hertfordshire, Hospital of Clothale, Hospital at Bigging, Hospitals at Berkhamstede, in Hertfordshire, House of Leprous Brethren at Baldock, in Hertfordshire, Various Hospitals in Hereford, Hospitals of St. John and St. Mary Magdalen, at Winchester, St. Mary Magdalen's Hospital, at Southampton, Hospital called God's House, at Portsmouth, Hospital at Fordingbridge, Andover Hospital, in Hampshire, Hospital at Winchcombe, House of Lepers at Tewksbury, Hospital at Lorwing, in Gloucestershire, Hospitals of St. Margaret and St. Mary Magdalen, at Gloucester, Hospitals of St. John, The Evangelist and St. Laurence, in Cirencester, Hospitals of St. James and St. John, at Berkley, in Gloucestershire, Waltham Abbey Hospital, in Essex, Sedeburbrook Hospital, near Brentwood, Essex, Newport Pond, or Birchanger Hospital, at Newport, in Essex, St. Edmund's and the Trinity Hospital at Gateshead, Hospital at Barnard Castle, Old Hospital at Winburn, Hospital at Shirburn, in Dorsetshire, St. John's Hospital at Shaftsbury, Hospital at Tarent Rushton, Hospital for Lepers at Lyme, in Dorsetshire, Hospital of St. John Baptist at Dorchester, Bridport Hospital, House of Lepers at Long Blandford, Athelington Hospital, in Dorsetshire, Hospital at Tavistock, Plympton Hospital, Plymouth Hospital, Pilton Hospital, Honiton Hospital, Ancient Hospitals at Exeter, Hospital at Crediton, in Devonshire, Cleyhanger Hospital, Barnstaple Hospital, in Devonshire, Hospital of Spittel on the Peak, in Derbyshire, Preceptory, or Hospital at Lokhay, Derbyshire, Maison Dieu and St. Leonard's Hospitals, at Derby, Hospital of Lepers at Chesterfield, Bentley Hospital, in Derbyshire, Wigton Hospital, in Cumberland, Hospital of St. Nicholas, at Carlisle, Newport Hospital, near Launceston, Leskard, or Minhenned Hospital, in Cornwall, Hospital at Launceston, Hospital at Helston, in Cornwall, Gild-Martin Hospital, Hospital at Bodmin, in Cornwall, Wybunbury Hospital, Tarvin Hospital, Hospital at Nantwich, Den Wall Hospital, in Cheshire, Hospital of St. John Baptist, Chester, Broughton Hospital, Hospital at Bebington, in Cheshire, Wykes, or Wyken Hospital, in Cambridgeshire, Hospital at Whittlesford Bridge, in Cambridgeshire, St. John Baptist Hospital at Wisbech, Hospital at Long Stow, Hospital of Thorney, in Cambridgeshire, Steresbergh, or Sturbridge Hospital, near Cambridge, Hospital at Leverington, in Cambridgeshire, St. John's Hospital at Ely, Hospital of St. John the Evangelist, at Cambridge, Hospitals at Wycomb, in Buckinghamshire, Stony Stratford Hospital, Hospital of St. John at Newport Pagnell, St. Margaret's and the New Hospital at Newport Pagnell, Hospital of St. Laurence at Buckingham, Hospital at Wallingford, in Berkshire, St. Laurence's and St. Mary's Hospitals at Reading, Newbury Hospital, Lambourn Hospital, in Berkshire, Hungerford Hospital, Fyfield Hospital, in Berkshire, Hospitals of St. Helen and St. John at Abingdon, in Berkshire, Occleve, or Hocclyff, Hospital, in Bedfordshire, Eaton Hospital, in Bedfordshire, Hospitals of St. John and St. Leonard in Bedford, Hospital of Ruthyn, in Denbighshire, Hospital of Newton, in the Deanry of Holderness, in Yorkshire, Whittington College and Hospital, in London, Fossgate Hospital, York, Hospital at Arundel, in Sussex, Hospital of Little Maldon, in Essex, Hospital of Stoke by Newark, in Nottinghamshire, Hospital of Kypier, or Kepire, near Durham, Hospital of Newton, in Yorkshire, Hospital at Burcester, in Oxfordshire, Canons of the Holy Sepulchre, at Thetford, Savoy Hospital, Westminster, Hospital at Heytesbury, in Wiltshire, Stokefaston, or Stokenston Hospital, in Leicestershire, Hospital of St. Cross, near Winchester, Trinity Hospital at Dartford, in Kent, Hospital of St. Nicholas near Richmond, in Yorkshire, Hospital at Todyngton, in Bedfordshire, Hospital of Bocking, in Essex, St. John's Hospital at Sherbourne, in Dorsetshire, Hospital at Ewelme, in Oxfordshire, St. Catherine's, commonly called Thorneton's Hospital, at Newcastle upon Tyne, Hospital at Donnington, near Newbury, in Berkshire, Hospital at Okeham, in Rutlandshire, Hospital, called Knolles College and Almshouse, at Pontefract, in Yorkshire, Trinity Hospital at Salisbury, Hospital at Wolverhampton, in Staffordshire, Hospital of Bowes, in the Isle of Guernsey, Hospital of St. Nicholas at York, Hospital of Holbeche, in Lincolnshire, Hospital of Hithe, in Kent, Hospital in the parish of Berking Church, London, called Denton's Hospital, Hospital, called Elsing Spital, near Cripplegate, London, Hospital of St. Mary at Pomfret, in Yorkshire, Hospital of Welle, in Yorkshire, Hospital of St. Giles, at Norwich, Hospital of St. Paul, otherwise called Norman's Spitel, in Norwich, St. John's Hospital at Exeter, Hospital of St. Alexius at Exeter, Hospital of St. Katherine, near the Tower, London, Hospital at Basingstoke, in Hampshire, Hospital at Bolton, in Northumberland, Eastbridge Hospital, at Canterbury, Hospital of Greatham, in the County of Durham, Hospital of St. Bartholomew, near Gloucester, Hospital of Glenford Bridge, in Lincolnshire, Gaunt's, or Billeswyke Hospital, at Bristol, Hospital at Langrigh, in Lancashire, Hospital of St. Leonard, at Leicester, Hospital at Ledbury, in Herefordshire, Priory or Hospital or Lechelade, in Gloucestershire, Domus Conversorum, now called The Chapel of the Rolls, London, Hospital or Priory of St. John Baptist at Ludlow, in Shropshire, Plumtree's Hospital, in Nottingham, Hospital of St. John, at Nottingham, St. John's Hospital, at Oxford, Hospital of St. Leonard at York, Hospital of Burton Lazars, in Leicestershire, Hospital or Hospitals of St. John and St. Leonard in Aylesbury, Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen in Colchester, Hospital of Ilford, in Essex, Holy Innocents Hospital at Lincoln, Hospital of St. Bartholomew in London, Priory of St. Mary Spital, or New Hospital of Our Lady, wihtout Bishopsgate, London, Hospital of St. Mary Bethlehem without London, Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen at Rippon, in Yorkshire, Hospital of St. Julian, at St. Alban's, in Hertfordshire, Hospital of Brakele, or Brackley, in Northamptonshire, Priory or Hospital of St. Gregory at Canterbury, Flixton Hospital, or Carman's Spital, in Yorkshire, Hospitals of the Order of St. Augustine For the Relief of Poor and Impotent Persons: Introduction, Table of contents