Ottar Ormstad

Artiste, Oslo, Norway

Ottar Ormstad was born and is based as an independent artist in Oslo, Norway. As a concrete poet, Ormstad creates verbivocovisual poetry since the 1960s and is author of Electronic Literature since 2006. In his works, Ormstad extends his originally print-based practice by moving to the realm of the networked programmable space. His works usually include modern electronic music, visual backgrounds such as self-produced b/w (darkroom-) photography, or live video footage, on which he stages his poetry. In his playful poetry, a yellow “y” usually serves as “main character”. In print, as well as in his video-based works, Ormstad often presents his concrete poetry as what he calls “letter carpets” which create effects known from Op Art. His works have been nationally and internationally screened and exhibited as part of experimental film and electronic literature festivals and conferences.