Ethan Hayden

Artiste, Buffalo, USA

Ethan Hayden is a composer, performer, and author based in Buffalo, NY. He has written music for various performing forces, ranging from solo instruments to large ensembles, often involving electronics. Recent works reflect an ongoing interest in language, phonetics, and sound poetry, as well as large-scale explorations of timbre, resonance, and sonic spectra. His music has been performed at conferences and festivals around the world, most recently at Ljudbio (Uppsala, Sweden), INTIME (Coventry, UK), Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium (Toronto, ON), and E-Poetry (Buenos Aires).

Ethan is the Associate Director of Wooden Cities, a Buffalo-based contemporary music ensemble, and is active as a performer, regularly presenting new and experimental works for voice. He is the author of Sigur Rós’s ( ), published as part of Bloomsbury’s 33⅓ series in August 2014.