Viviana Checchia @vivianachecchia

Viviana Checchia is the Public Engagement Curator at CCA Glasgow. Prior to taking up her role at CCA, Viviana produced and contributed to a range of international projects, including the Young Artist of the Year Award 2014 (YAYA) in Ramallah, which supports young Palestinian artists with a curatorial focus on learning and development; and the 4th Athens Biennale, which reimagined the biennale format as a space for cultural debate and grassroots organizing. For the past five years, Viviana has co-directed vessel, a platform for critical discussion surrounding the cultural, social, economic and political change created through community-based work, based in Puglia, Italy. She has been a participant in the AICA International Summer Seminar Program (2009); the European Course of Contemporary Art Curators (2009); the Gwangju Foundation Course for International Curators (2010); the ICI Curatorial Intensive at CCA Derry-Londonderry (2013); and the Cittadellarte/UNIDEE workshop on ‘Social Engaged Art Practices and Art Education’ (2014). Viviana has lectured at the Centre for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, and the International Academy of Art Palestine, and was an instructor for the V-A-C Foundation’s Summer Curatorial School in Moscow (2013/2014). With Anna Santomauro, she received the 2013 ICI/DEDALUS Research Award for research carried out in the United States, and in 2016 she was awarded the Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory laureate’s choice for her contributions to the comprehension of and international interest in Eastern European art. Viviana holds a PhD from Loughborough University School of the Arts, English and Drama – UK.