Agnieszka Kilian

Agnieszka Kilian is curator, researcher with juridical background; graduated from curatorial studies (Jagiellonian University) and law studies (Cologne University/Gdańsk University). She develops projects concerning collaborative structures, especially one that shapes new forms of knowledge driven from clash of various practice and poetics. In her projects she reflects oft upon questions on individual’s rights in its economical and political context.

Exhibitions and art projects she curated and co-curated include: Controlled Image (RCA London, 2009 and Mamuta Art and Media Center, Jerusalem, 2010), Jeff Koon’s Gloves (CCA Kronika, Bytom, 2012) among publication edited under the same title, Second Death of George Mallory (FUTURA/Karlin Studio, Prague, 2015), Text and Its Performance (Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków, 2016), Dreams & Dramas. Law as Literature (nGbK, Berlin, 2017) among reader edited under the same title, We, the People (Central Slovakian Gallery, Banska Bystrica, 2018). 2017 she was selected to participate Tate Intensive Programme in London.