Glasgow 2

Political Animal
Art Writing Constructing the Contemporary City

20-22 June 2019
Glasgow School of Art


20th June21st June22nd June

6pm (Glasgow School of Art): Opening Political Animal​ solo show by Prabhakar Pachpute ​and book launch by Johnny Rodger & Prabhakar Pachpute​

9.30–10.00am:  Registration

10–10.15am: Welcome

10.15–12pm: The Festival Cabinet
Art making the Contemporary City (The Culture of the Festival)
chair: Viviana Checchia
Carol Yinghua Lu, Richard Parry, Francis McKee

12.00–12.30pm: Face to Face Carol Yinghua Lu & Mairi Lafferty

12.30–1.30pm: Lunch break

1.30–4.30pm: The Cabinet of Spatial Justice
Spatial Justice in the Contemporary City
chair: Karla Portilla
Farah Saleh, Jasmina Cibic, Alicja Rogalska

4.30–5pm: Screening Jasmina Cibic, Alicja Rogalska

5–6pm: Assembly – The Political Gathering of the People

10–10.15am Welcome & Intro

10.15–12.15pm: A Medium-Sized Cage: Writing/Publishing/Alternative Media and the Contemporary City
chair: Johnny Rodger
Fucking Good Art, Ravi Sundaram, Agnieszka Kilian, Mairi Lafferty

12.15–12:45pm: tequio assembly by Daniel Godínez-Nivón

12:45-1:45pm: Lunch break

2pm: BarCamp
Instead of the usual closing remarks at a conference, the BarCamp is an open, participatory workshop event, the content of which is provided by the public and attendees themselves. It is an intense workshop event with discussions, presentations, readings, interaction. Unlike the traditional conference format, BarCamps have a self-organising character, relying on the passion and responsibility of the participants. Participants include: Camilla Crosta, Gustavo Ferro, Michael Kordas, among others.

6.30pm: Launch of The Drouth @ The Vic, 20 Scott St