RENTON (LESLIE by Marriage), AGNES [SSNE 8400]

RENTON (LESLIE by Marriage)
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Agnes Renton was the wife of Alexander Leslie, Earl of Leven [SSNE 1]. Little is known of Agnes other than the fact that she appears to have travelled extensively with her husband, to Sweden, Germany and on campaign in Scotland and England. Several records of documents co-signed by her survive in the National Records of Scotland, including one which describes the "Complaints of her Colliers" dated Newcastle, 1645. Details of her correspondence or movements in Europe remain elusive, but it is probable that she lived in Hamburg where her husband often resided while on campaign. A portrait of her as Countess of Leven (so after 1641) hangs next to one of her husband (dated 1635) at Glenferness Estate in Moray (private family collection). Given that Agnes often co-signed documents with her husband, the fact that he makes no mention of her in his will, dated 15 October 1656, suggests she is already deceased at that point. A further document from Leven in 1657 certainly mentions her as being his late wife.

With Alexander Leslie, Agnes had several children including Colonel Alexander Leslie, Lord Balgonie [SSNE 2913] (who predeceased his parents, passing away in 1645) and Gustavus (died young), Barbara, Christian, Anne, Margaret and Mary.

Sources: National Records of Scotland, GD 26/3/1121. Co signatory to a document with Alexander Leslie for their son, Lord Balgonie's land grants of East Nisbet and Nether Crailling, 18 June 1635; National Records of Scotland, RH9/2/205. Agnes Renton to Sir George Hamilton, 5 February 1645; National Records of Scotland, 8 May 1657. Memorandum of Alexander, Earl of Levin [Leven], regarding several bonds by deceased Agnes Rentoun [Renton], Countess of Leven, in custody of Alexander Kennedie [Kennedy], master porter of Edinburgh Castle.


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Arrived 1630-01-01
Departed 1638-12-31
Purpose Misc